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21 December 2010 – I’ll be Home for Christmas…Or Maybe New Year’s

Zurich Airport – 6:30 am . I am certainly the only person, this darkest morning of the year, in flip-flops here. Though I have added socks as a warmth and fashion upgrade. Last night, even though I was about five miles closer than usual, I missed the solstice lunar eclipse.…...

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6 December 2010 – Angel Cakes

It’s hot here. Really hot in the afternoon. And it’s dry. The Fall rains skirted Athi River. But it’s also December 6th. And here as elsewhere, that means it’s time to start memorizing lines and rehearsing the Nativity story. I happened into this in the boys’ house today when I…...

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3 December 2010 – A Nose For Birthday News

Some stuff you can do here that you can’t do there. Hetero men can walk hand-in-hand here. You can pile in the back of a pick up with ten of your friends and go for a ride. And you can put finger to nose without fear of a Seinfeld bust.…...

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