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Kitchen Project Mulandi School

We are working towards the completion of the kitchen in the school’s dining/study area where over 75 of our Outreach kids attend. The kitchen will serve the 300+ children at the school with two meals per day which Red Rhino provides through our feeding program. The structure allows the children…...

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The Power of Home

Home is a powerful word. Ideally it is a place of warmth, of protection, of love, and of happiness. When we first started RROP back in 2005, we had the idea of a home for kids who didn’t have one. On our recent visit to the Red Rhino Children’s Home,…...

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Backyard BBQ

We awoke on Saturday filled with excitement because the kiddos from Red Rhino were coming over for a barbecue at Dave & Ronah’s home in Nairobi....

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