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6 December 2010 – Angel Cakes

It’s hot here. Really hot in the afternoon. And it’s dry. The Fall rains skirted Athi River. But it’s also December 6th. And here as elsewhere, that means it’s time to start memorizing lines and rehearsing the Nativity story. I happened into this in the boys’ house today when I got back from Nairobi.


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We have access to an unlimited, free supply of sawdust from the folks who built the wood framed houses. And we’re always on the hunt for cooking fuel that doesn’t wreck the country while it’s heating the porridge. So we got the bright idea to try and compress the above mixture into bricks that can burn in our eco-giko. This is the first batch, made today. If they don’t work out they may show up under your tree with some candied fruit stapled to them, carrying our best holiday regards.


From our kitchen to yours,


Julia and the Childs


  1. Debi Lorenc says

    They probably taste better than the other fruitcakes. too!
    Love to all the angels.

  2. Brandon says

    Mmmm. Fiber-full.

  3. Joan Bosworth says

    The rehearsal looked like fun. I wish you could video the production and put it on You Tube. It would be fun to watch!

  4. Martin says

    Duraflame Inc., Athi River Division…

  5. David says

    Hi Debi,

    We’re hoping they burn better than the others too. The angels send their celestial greetings, accompanied by harp music…of course.

    Love to the family,


  6. David says

    Hi Brandon,

    This, I believe is how granola bars started. You could get in on the ground floor here.

    Hello ot all the politicos.


  7. David says

    Hi Joan,

    I’m working on the You Tube angle. I’ll keep you posted.



  8. David says

    Dear Martin,

    A new way to keep the home fires burning here. And…they can always double as baked goods. Who would know?


  9. Chris L says

    You had me so automatically with the “fruitcakes” that I was internally concocting an evil suggestion that you might consider switching out the fruitcakes with the murram and seeing which actually serves culinary or construction purposes better after all.

  10. admin says

    Hi Chris,

    I’ll take a mouthful of dirt any day over most fruitcakes (Hermitage products excepted). It’s more fun to squash the sawdust than murram, but we haven’t quite gotten the mixture right yet. Need better adhesion, or maybe it’s cohesion? I believe we have the stick-to-it-ive-ness.


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