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Update from Wilson

Wilson was our first employee. Prior to working for Red Rhino, Wilson was a very poor field hand working for $1 per day on a neighboring piece of property back in the early days of Red Rhino. One day after Wilson had worked for us for nearly a year David asked him this question, “Wilson, if you could live your dreams, what would you want to do in your life?” Wilson’s reply, “To become a surgeon.”

Dear Red Rhino Family,

Greetings from the ‘pearl of Africa’. I hope this finds you all well.

From March 2020 upto date,COVID-19 pandemic has been a decelerator to the progress of many and I have not been an exception. The smooth running of academics, as has been the culture of Makerere University, has remained a nightmare. That notwithstanding, our Head of department: Dr Patrick Sekimpi, has gone out of his way to ensure that our department runs despite the fact that the university is shut down. He has steered our department though the storm and made it possible for us to progress academically. To that end,I am currently a final year orthopaedic and trauma resident.

I am doing my first semester in fourth year. We are currently studying pediatric orthopedics which is very interesting. The biggest achievement so far is the approval of my dissertation and now I am finalizing my data collection and soon I will embark on dissertation writing and defense-a key step towards completion of my studies. I have been able (under the guidance of my teachers ) to fine tune my surgical skills and as it stands, I am confident enough to go back and help my patients out there. I am now able to comfortably handle complex orthopaedic injuries and I am the leader of postoperative x-ray sessions where under the guidance of our teachers ,we critique our surgeries and come up with alternatives to better our decision making and management of complications thereafter.

I’m currently doing my spine rotation and suffice to say,I am having a bigger interest in spine surgery which I hope to be my sub speciality practice. All the above achievements are fruits from the generous hands and support from shoulders of giants: Mr David Saunders, the Garbadian and Zeiter Families, and recent support from Shamrock Charities to help me for the extra fees associated with my dissertation. And of course all of you in the Red Rhino family. I can never thank them enough. May they never lack and may their help shape the society and make it a better place.

The only lag I have in my studies is that, together with my classmates, we have not been able to go for electives due to travel bans owing to COVID-19 pandemic, however, it’s a discussion we’re having and I’m sure a way out will be found soon.

Thank you very much and may God bless you. —Wilson