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Update from Wilson

Wilson was our first employee. Prior to working for Red Rhino, Wilson was a very poor field hand working for $1 per day on a neighboring piece of property back in the early days of Red Rhino. One day after Wilson had worked for us for nearly a year David…...

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Sister Agatha

Our Dear Friend Sister Agatha cares for and ministers to women and their children in three different prisons in Mombasa, whose children are forced to grow up in the prisons alongside their mothers who are doing their jail terms....

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So Long Sobobo, Welcome Voodoo

Last year we said farewell to our long-time guard dog, fierce protector of Red Rhino, and dear friend, Sobobo. A kind supporter of the project read our RIP Sobobo article from last year’s newsletter and reached out to us about donating a new and highly-trained guard dog to protect the…...

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Red Rhino Art

One day while the kids were quarantined at home, one of our older boys noticed a certain paver was in the basic shape of Africa. With help from some of the other kids and adults, he went about transforming it into a piece of art. It now hangs handsomely and…...

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Home is a powerful word. Ideally it is a place of warmth, of protection, of love, and of happiness. ...

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Backyard BBQ

We awoke on Saturday filled with excitement because the kiddos from Red Rhino were coming over for a barbecue at Dave & Ronah’s home in Nairobi....

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