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Pleasanton Walk-a-thon 2011

RROP’s Pleasanton Walk-a-thon March 27th. p.s.  Don’t forget about the 5th Annual RROP Walk-a-thon in Stockton on April 3rd....

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11 March 2011 – Ashes To Ashes and Ball Joints to Dust

I remember Lent from my childhood. A small monastic inclination in the day-to-day, a paper bag in a cupboard with candy deferred, and a cloud of not understanding that I liked. Here’s how it showed up this year. . . All the best in your preparation. . David...

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1 March 2011 – “No! I am Spartacus! And Those Are My Red Shoes.”

Some red splotches, some red shoes…go figure. . . . But this story doesn’t end with murderous dreams. It switches to separate events and a confluence. . “Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out.” Iris Murdoch . Thankfully there are exceptions. . David...

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