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30 May 2009 – Purlins

Hi, It’s Madaraka weekend here. It celebrates a half-way stage in Kenya’s independence. And our building structural independence took a big step when we got all the roof stuff glued together. Here’s the story in brief. Once the trusses were in place, we welded the purlins to them. Our purlins…...

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20 May 2009 – Very Big Triangles

Hello from all of us here, I think my laptop is acrophobic. The minute I started talking about a mid-flight  disposal, it started apologizing and attempting reform. Babysteps, but it might be the leg up I need to get through the next month’s Mac-stuff. I’m so far behind in posting…...

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8 May 2009 – The House of Several Gables

Happy ocho de Mayo, A good many things have conspired (successfully) against getting this little slice of project life up here for you to see: a very busy building schedule, the fifty things that spin off of that, a built in aversion to this kind of work when other things…...

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