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21 December 2010 – I’ll be Home for Christmas…Or Maybe New Year’s

Zurich Airport – 6:30 am


I am certainly the only person, this darkest morning of the year, in flip-flops here. Though I have added socks as a warmth and fashion upgrade. Last night, even though I was about five miles closer than usual, I missed the solstice lunar eclipse. Maybe next time.


The Swiss aesthethic is Euro-Japanese. Spare, unwrinkled, beautifully functional.


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This morning one can buy a Breiling watch here, a tin of caviar, take a shower, read the late edition of the Financial Times. What I may not be able to do is fly to Frankfurt at 10:am. It’s vying with Heathrow for the for the snowiest, slowiest, most densely populated with holiday strandees place in this winter wonderland.

0740 LH 569 to Frankfurt — cancelled

0815 LX 1070 to Frankfurt — cancelled

0905 AC 9027 to Frankfurt — cancelled

1000 LH 1187 to Frankfurt — delayed (so far)


But my interest in Frankfurt is primarily egress, not ingress.

1400 UA 901  Frankfurt – SFO … That’s where I’m hoping to leave my heart.



Finally, some good advice, dressed in holiday colors, from a Mombasa-Nairobi long hauler.


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Dreaming of a not-so-white-for-a-while Christmas,




  1. Chris L says

    I don’t understand these time warps. I know that as I read your post, it’s morning in Zurich — and still 1 am in California. But in between scarves of clouds, the moon is still at least 3/4 eclipsed here.

    So how does it work that in the same hemisphere you can have missed an eclipse that I’m still watching here?

  2. admin says

    My dear time warped brother,

    Unless I am loonier than…well, everything, you live in the north western hemisphere, and I live in the south eastern hemisphere. As far as the eclipse, I missed it because I was in the airplane, but I would have seen it eleven hours before you if I had keep my feet on solid ground. How that works, God knows, I’m pretty sure.

    We’ll put that time warp in its place very soon on the deck at Rocky Creek and watch the same sun set at the same time with the same buzz.

    My flight to Frankfurt was cancelled. Hoping for a later flight to LA, then SF.

    Christmas love,


  3. Martin says

    It’s times like this I’m reminded of the 80s Adult Contemporary smash hit —

    “When you get caught between the moon and Zurich City…

    I know it’s crazy, but it’s true…”

  4. admin says

    Dear Martin,

    I think, given the dual referential, and timely nature of your song citation, you win the BIG prize this year. I almost fell off my ergonomical chair in LAX with wonder and admiration. Well done.

    And so long as I don’t fall off the passenger manifest of United flight 841, I should be in the home of our World Champion Giants at about 9:30 pm…today. A small, but much appreciated, Christmas miracle.

    With some gold, frankincense and myrhh,


  5. Jenny Marquez says

    About 5 minutes until you should touch down. Be ready for the big chill of the central valley, climatically speaking. People wise, I am certain there are warm hearts waiting. Have a wonderful Christmas David. God Bless you and your family on all hemispheres.

  6. David says

    Hi Jenny,

    Made it here after some delays. Thanks for the welcome back. Nice to be here in the cold for a change. Very hot now in Kenya. Looking forward to all things Christmas here and already missing everyone in Kenya. Enough love to go around for two continents. That’s a lot.

    Merry Christmas to you,


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