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23 April 2010 – This and That

Just saying “hi.” Here are a few photographs, randomly assembled, from the last few days. We’ve been tinkering with the website some. The best way, I think to view this post is to click on the first photo, which will get big and then just use the arrows underneath the…...

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14 April 2010 – Stand. Up.

Here’s a relatively dry update on the last week and half or so. Seems we’re on solid ground again. . . . . We’re beginning to love these houses, and we’re continuing to love you. . From the sweet heart of this place, . David...

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1 April 2010 – Holy Thursday

Hello, . All the holes we dig here take a lot of work to fill back in. Usually with lots of rocks and sledgehammering and so on. But this one twisted us around in new ways. A different kind of baptism. . . Then we got the bright idea to…...

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