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3 December 2010 – A Nose For Birthday News

Some stuff you can do here that you can’t do there. Hetero men can walk hand-in-hand here. You can pile in the back of a pick up with ten of your friends and go for a ride. And you can put finger to nose without fear of a Seinfeld bust. Kenyans can pick their noses plein aire. While driving, or talking…to you. But before you rush for passport and carry-on, you should know, it’s a little different. It’s not fruitful in the usual sense. More inventory than excavation. Like testing the moisture content of potting soil. A nudge. And mostly it’s just the finger tip. The tip of the finger tip, really. Nothing’s perfect, I guess.


And to the birthday part; Kaleb turned five. Now all the kids here know their birthdays. Some we “chose” in the absence of documentation. But they’ve all got one now, and we’ve set about celebrating them. The request menu is hot dogs, chips (french fries), sauteed cabbage, and cake.


A brief road stop and then on to Kaleb.



That’s it for now,


David and the Celebrators


  1. Martin says

    What a great time for Kaleb and all.

    How was the cake? Hopefully better than the usual Kenyan baked goods, whose consistent unpalatability we have marveled at… haha. Pass the hot dogs, chips, and cabbage instead!


    p.s. A couple of the kids are starting to stretch, and Peace with the hops –might want to put break-away rims on that thing!

  2. david says

    Dear Martin,

    In a changing world, the cakes are a marvel of stability. They are as you remember them. Devoid of pastriotic charm to the muzungini, beloved by the authocthon.

    We’ll celebrate the first dunk with a weeklong mbuzi-fest. Choma and more choma! We have a four foot ladder that might get me close…apart from the vertigo.

    Some interesting news regarding the incomparable one. Will phone and tell.

    The cake’s in the mail.


  3. The Guntert's says

    Always a thrill to see the pictures! Thanks David!

    Ron & Denise

  4. david says

    Hi Ron and Denise,

    You may recognize some of the clothes the kids are wearing in the photos; you helped match them up last summer. They look great on our beautiful ones.

    Say hi to Anthony and Ross, and all the best to both of you,


  5. Chris L says

    I especially appreciate the fond nods of remembrances to places like “Lodi” on the caps.

    One more needed reminder: ah, what a rare blessing having a birth-day actually is. (How many more things have I yet to discover I haven’t been properly grateful for?)

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