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19 September 2010 – Doin’ the Do

Sometimes the rhythm of days really feels like rhythm, something you could dance to. It doesn’t hurt, I suppose, when there are a bunch of ready dancers at hand, for whom a day is a world. We’re lucky here that way. . . . Bobby Freeman’s, “Do You Wanna Dance”…...

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15 September 2010 – The Counterbalance

The kids started school Monday, a little later than the rest because of the discomfiture of the recent events. But they were fired up. Decked out in their very smart Mutungoni Academy uniforms, they looked a lot like future leaders or astronauts, or whatever it is that young kids with…...

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12 September 2010 – The Hard News

Schipol Airport is a working model of a nice world. Clean lined furnishings, cordial Dutch efficiency, places to rest and work. It’s well-oiled and orderly. I was there, unexpectedly on my way back to Kenya a few days ago. There had been a robbery at the property. A group of…...

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