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23 April 2010 – This and That

Just saying “hi.”

Here are a few photographs, randomly assembled, from the last few days.

We’ve been tinkering with the website some. The best way, I think to view this post is to click on the first photo, which will get big and then just use the arrows underneath the picture to advance to the next one, and so on.

Brit’s here. She says howdy. Monte’s coming.

“…the man journeying to his own country must not mistake the inn for his home.”  Augustine.

Safe journey,



  1. Pat says

    Hello David and Brit,
    Great photos that tell so much! Exciting time! I’m so thankful Brit that God has led you back to carry on for bit with the mission you do so well! God bless and keep you both safely in His care!
    Be assured of our diligent supporting efforts here stateside and our daily prayers for everyone in Kenya.
    Brit, give Bethany a big hug for me when you see here and whisper in her ear that I love her pray for her each day!
    My best to Sobobo and all my friends in Kenya!
    Hugs and Love,

  2. martin says

    little David is probably bawling because he’s tired of helping unstick you from those muddy “shortcuts” you love.

    he told me to refer you to Aesop, and think, “circuitous tortoise”…


    p.s. that photo of The Water Bearers is an all-time classic.

  3. david says

    This from Chris, whose posting privileges remain suspended, evidently:

    I’m temporarily holding Debi’s beautiful MacBook Pro with the big designer-quality screen, quaffing a Green Lakes ale in a Monterey café (in town from Rocky Creek for a friend’s memorial service)…so I can’t tell how much my appreciation of your big photo slide show is augmented by Debi’s laptop. But I think nonetheless that your fiddling is giving us a great new format. I know I’m typically too much in a hurry to click on each photo to enlarge it—but reading/following in this format is *great*. Amazing (though I’ve always known it) how much the size of the photos matters. Now I can climb right into them. Closest thing to sitting on a balcony, sipping a Tusker, and looking down on “old reliable” with you.

    By the way, your road looks alot like Rocky Creek’s right now.

    And the tank stand is a work of art.


  4. david says

    Hi Pat,

    B says hi, and so does Sabobo. Many thanks for your work and especially your prayers, our foundation. When I get to Mary’s I’ll send along a photo of your beloved Bethany, now much bigger than you remember her.

    Love to all the family, brother.


  5. david says

    Dear Martin,

    I thought all kids liked to get muddy…and all that slipping and sliding.

    I guess I’m more March Hare than roundabout turtle, to everyone’s detriment.

    See you soon. Travel well, and bring tacos.


  6. david says

    Hi Chris,

    I smuggled your entry passed Big Brother. The tank stand/washing basins sort of reminds me of a South Park character, but prettier.

    Matt has been working on the website and doing a bang up job. Carrying on Charbel and John and Tony’s good work.

    Gotta run. Getting the parts to connect the three big tanks.

    Old Unreliable,


  7. Miss B says

    Hi Pat,

    My heart belongs here and will always be a part of the project. 🙂 It’s my pleasure to be here and continue in this amazing effort. Much love to you and the rest, supporting us from afar! And yes, I will give Bethany a BIG hug for you and let her know you send her your warmest greetings.

    Much love, Miss B

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