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14 April 2010 – Stand. Up.

Here’s a relatively dry update on the last week and half or so. Seems we’re on solid ground again.





We’re beginning to love these houses, and we’re continuing to love you.


From the sweet heart of this place,




  1. Joan Bosworth says

    Wow! Such progress. It would be great if you could install a time capsule in those walls [perhaps print out the RROP journal you’ve been writing] for someone to find two hundred years from now. The story is one that should always remain there.

    I personally enjoy each chapter and always look forward to the next installment.



  2. Jeanette Marquez says

    You all deserve a BIG WOW! Really, a great looking building, soon to be be called HOME. The gift of self is without measure. You all use your gifts well. God Bless.

  3. Peggy says

    You are right, David. Even from this distance — you gotta love these houses. Imagine what they are going to mean to the children who will be living there!
    Love, Peggy

  4. david says

    Hi Joan,

    The idea of some kind of time capsule or something is a really good idea. I’ll work on it on this end and see what we can come up with. And thanks for your interest in the project and the postings. At times it has felt that in two hundred years we may just be finishing construction…but now we are closing in.


  5. david says

    Hi Jeanette,

    Yes, the houses will soon be homes! Homes for the kids we have been supporting and working with for three years. Then the stone and mortar and the timber and mbati will have real life breathed into them. I can’t wait. Thanks for your kind words.


  6. david says

    Hi Peggy,

    I hope they mean safety and health and love and a bright future. Then we will know we have made something. And a good deal of it with your efforts. Many thanks.


  7. Chris says

    Yes, the houses are really beautiful. You’re lucky I’m not there, or you would have murram tracks and basketball prints all over those floors. They beat the heck out of the dusty court across the street. I’m struck by how good the wood siding looks. It looks like the Sierras have made a momentary visit to Lukenya. And those new concrete sinks are *really* cool. I imagine you’ll come to be more grateful for them than you can even imagine now.

    The ingenuity of the whole crew of you continues to amaze me. And I’m looking forward to meeting Sister Agata in these pages…



  8. david says

    Hi Chris,

    The character background filter must really be working; it’s 86ing my comments pretty regularly. In any case, the response, clever as it must have been, that I thought was posted, is now far from my mind. But yes, the floors are made for hoops, and the framed walls would set Shaq-like picks…has he set any this decade, by the way?

    Love you brother,


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