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So Long Sobobo, Welcome Voodoo

Last year we said farewell to our long-time guard dog, fierce protector of Red Rhino, and dear friend, Sobobo. A kind supporter of the project read our RIP Sobobo article from last year’s newsletter and reached out to us about donating a new and highly-trained guard dog to protect the Red Rhino Children’s Center. Two of our employees were sent for the required one-week paramilitary training in order for us to be able to have one of these incredible animals. It was a long week. Thankfully, at the end of it they were able to return with our new friend, Voodoo, a Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix who was trained near Naivasha and is one of the best guard dogs imaginable. She is less than two years old and more kid-friendly than Sobobo was, yet as equally voracious if she needs to be. However, not everyone is happy, see Through the eyes of Marley below.