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10/24: News Flash

The second half of Mbini’s story is here, and, I think, in the aforementioned time frame. For those of you vacillating between agnosticism and belief, let this fact alone stand as final proof of divine intervention in at least this one instance. And for those standing near fainted love ones,…...

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10/23: News Flash

Lots going on, so lots to pray for. I’m meeting with Christian, the guy who donates the vegetables and fruits to Mary and the orphans in Machakos, and a guy from Irrico, the company that supplies all of Indu Farms’ (Chris’ Company) drip irrigation set-ups, etc. He is going to…...

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10/21: News Flash

As you slept, the first serialized journal entry wiggled its way into your little email house. I’ll try to get the conclusion up in a day or so, but have a hobbled, rented bulldozer to nurse along.</p> <p>Send all your good intentions and prayers up for good mechanical health and…...

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10/13: News Flash

Schools back in session and so are we. New pens and notebooks and delight in a new cycle of work. This is a brief overview of the past couple of months and more information dense stuff will be coming your way before the Red Sox even the series with the…...

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10/10: News Flash

David returned to Kenya to continue developing the orphanage site....

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