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19 September 2010 – Doin’ the Do

Sometimes the rhythm of days really feels like rhythm, something you could dance to. It doesn’t hurt, I suppose, when there are a bunch of ready dancers at hand, for whom a day is a world. We’re lucky here that way.




Bobby Freeman’s, “Do You Wanna Dance” is stuck in my head.




  1. Joy says

    Where on earth did Abigail get that T shirt for a start ?? Brilliant , and who’s the maths genius ; >) . The photos made my biggest smiles of today . Thanks for posting David Jxx

  2. Debi says

    Loving every word–and every photo. Still using your iPhone?
    Keep on!

  3. Denise, Ron, Ross & Anthony says

    Thanks David – It is such a joy to see the pictures of the kids!

    See you soon! Denise

  4. judy says

    great pictures!! still from the phone? what kind of camera and chips etc can you get there?

  5. Mike Edson says

    I knew that life is bigger than a desk, a computer, and lots of things to do. This reminds me there is much, much more. It is always time to avoid the monofocal and look large!

  6. david says

    Hi Joy,

    Not sure where the T shirt came from, probably the container, but just a guess. Abigail is quite attached to it though.

    Looking forward to your return,


  7. david says

    Hi Debi,

    Still on the iPhone, but some times it seems to work better than others. Must be the nut that’s holding the steering wheel is loose.

    See you at the Red Egg fest!


  8. david says

    Hi Denise,

    They are still as bright and happy and full of mischief as when you and the family met them. And they’re wearing the clothes you all helped them pick. looking forward to seeing you in Stockton,


  9. david says

    Hi Judy,

    I’m on my way back to the states tomorrow for a while, so I’ll get a camera there. You can get a wide range of camera stuff here, but it’s very expensive.

    Glad you liked the pictures.


  10. david says

    Hi Ed,

    A desk, a computer, and a million things to do. That’s a very good description of at least half of my life. We should compare notes. When you and Nena come here you can get a close look at the other half.

    See you soon, brother.


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