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20 May 2009 – Very Big Triangles

Hello from all of us here,

I think my laptop is acrophobic. The minute I started talking about a mid-flight  disposal, it started apologizing and attempting reform. Babysteps, but it might be the leg up I need to get through the next month’s Mac-stuff.

I’m so far behind in posting here that I have actually caught my tail, and am not really sure what to do with it, so I thought I’d hand it over to you in this installment. Good luck.

We have a good deal of the roof on now, and these photos will bring you a few steps closer to real time, whatever that is. Some of the photos are still disorderly, but not too many, and they all do their part to show you the trusses, big (4) and small (3) going up.



The small trusses were small potatoes compared to the big trusses, which were big, very heavy potatoes.






Here’s hoping all your mabati is on straight and screwed down tight,




  1. martin says

    i don’t know about your bati, but mabati is just fine, thanks.

    good as this gelato is, i’d happily trade it for some nyama choma right now…


  2. Ed Richardson says


    More huge accomplishments! Great job in placing the roof trusses. Can’t wait to see the roof on. Be well.


  3. Peggy says

    All I can say is “OH, MY GOSH!” What a ballet!

  4. david says

    Caro Martin,

    Don’t trade the gellato, just bring a vat and well plow our way through it while we watch the Champions league final with the Incomparable One upon your arrival. So glad to hear your ‘bati is in good shape.

    Best to you and your intrepid traveling companion.


  5. david says

    Hi Ed,

    You shouldn’t have long to wait. We have had a mbati snafu, but should be sorted out tomorrow and enable us to finish the roof in a few days. Hope to see you and Dottie this summer.


  6. david says


    No wonder my toes are so sore!! I’ve got to get these little slippers off and get into some proper work boots. Bless you for your work.


  7. Samantha says

    Beautiful work David! Thinking of you as always and sending you lots of energy….the roof looks absolutely wonderful. Hugs, S

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