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22 May 2010 – Neighborhood News, Pipe Dreams, Queue for the Loo

Come on in. It’s been a long week, and now, it’s finished up. The tools are cleaned and stowed in the container and the guys have cleaned up, changed into their good clothes and headed off for all that Saturday night offers.


Here’s some of the fading footprint of the last week or so.




The Band is right now testifying, “Any day now, any day now, I shall be released.” I think they mean all of us. I wonder what that will look like? For tonight, I’m settling for a seat near a big TV in Nairobi and the Champions’ League final with B, Martin, Mr and Mrs Masa, and flock of hollering Inter Milan and Bayern Munich fans.


Mael is getting ready to crawl. So it’s ok.





  1. Peggy Traverso says

    Hydo-Loo — Hooray!! I share your joy in having this alternative to holes in the landscape; so glad you found them!

    Interesting to have the “white ant” problem and solution explained. Great to see cushions, furniture — we are getting there!

    Good work, David. We are all in your debt for years of work and solving one problem after another.


  2. david says

    Hi Peggy,

    Well, the white ants require good advance planning and constant vigilance. They’re doing what they are meant to do, and that’s fine, but we just can’t let them do it in our timber framed houses. They are, by all accounts, very tasty…like butter, and full of protein. it’s a question of who eats what first, I guess.

    Our debt is mutual. Love,


  3. Barbara Redalia says

    Hi David
    I always enjoy seeing what you are up to, a world away. Since my kitties usually keep me close to home, I feel lucky to have our human offspring close enough to visit us on special days. On May 9th we celebrated Sarita and her brother Mike’s birthdays, as well as Mother’s Day here, along with the other siblings, Diane, Suzanne, and Max. Suzanne’s daughter, Lily, who is close to Sarita, is close to completing a graduate program at Cal State East Bay in Hayward to become a speech and language specialist, but will be enjoying a trip to Ireland in June with her boy friend. There now, you are up to date on the news from the Redalia family. Our best wishes go with your project there, although we would really prefer to have you here.

  4. Kaben says

    Hey David —

    Such great news to see this progress!!!

    The houses look GREAT, and it’s fantastic to see the piping and toilets getting in! Praise the Lord!

    And yes, I do understand how those kidney-shaped toilets bring such a deep joy and satisfaction to you. 🙂

    Thanks so much for this update; I look forward to seeing it for real soon.

    — Kaben and Jenn Kramer

  5. david says

    Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for the update. It’s good to know you and Richard and all your offspring are well and gathering together to celebrate. Please pass my fond regards to all there. We seem to be breeding dogs here, in an unofficial way. They just keep adding to their number. Not so ordered and planned as your cattery. To be honest there are many days I would prefer to have me there, too. But mostly I’m happy here with the work.

    Lovely to hear from you,


  6. david says

    Hi Kaben and Jen,

    How are the newlyweds? You’re right, Kaben, someone who spent some years in Kenya could understand the deep joy in a commode.

    I’ll look forward to seeing you this summer. We’ll keep the lid up for you.


  7. Janine Reimann says

    Woww! It looks awesome! Congrats on the lulus!

    Also, for a hard worker, I hope you enjoyed the Bayern game … even thought the Germans didn’t live up to what they had pormised.

    One sad German fan :O(

    Can you somehow make it to the World Championship in South Africa? The US is playing. Obama might show up if they make it past the first round.

    Love, Janine

  8. david says

    Hi Janine,

    I thought the match was terrific. High quality stuff. Bayern dominated possession but Mourinho’s counterattacks proved deadly. And Milito…Wow!

    The only way I’m getting to SA for the World Cup is if the Prez swings by here and gives me an Air Force One lift. Can you work on that for me?

    Love to you and Migdalia,


  9. Chris L says

    So much happening and coming together now. Amazing. I even heard a couple of whispers about a finish line. I remember thinking how long those “finishing touches” can take, all the structures up…and you’d think that finishing interior work would be a snap.

    I’m praying (among other things) for a deep period of satisfaction for you—a good vantagepoint out across the savannah and up into those Kenyan skies and the sounds of children laughing and playing and grateful even though they might not even know (just like the rest of us) all the details of everything they should be grateful for.

    (And, yes, a chapter must have gotten waylaid. I’ll send you two by email now.)



  10. david says

    Hi Chris,

    The final touches, especially when the involve, in addition to many practical details, certain governmental organizations, can stretch out. We’re hammering away.

    Perspective is a word and concept I haven’t thought of in a while. I guess that says a lot. But later, I suppose.


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