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11 May 2010 – The Not So Straight and Narrow Paths

“It is both the grandeur and the pain of the remoter moods that they avoid the pathway of sound. ” Thomas Hardy.

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[singlepic id=2698 w=320 h=240 float=]We dig a trench about five inches deep in the black cotton soil, fill it with murram, compact it with the compactor, and put an inch of the quarry dust on top for the stones to settle down in.

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Day Two in the Trenches:

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We hope these pathways will serve contemplative as well as collegial moods.

Less talk. More rock(s).



  1. REPLY
    Chris L says

    Great work. Amazingly Debi and I (and friends) are doing nearly exactly the same thing here—except that our materials are base rock, DG, and fly-ash pavers to build the paths of a labyrinth. So for once I understand your tools and methodology. It’s great to see Joyce and the gang through the maize. And, of course, those long elegant fellows we love so much that no maize field could ever obscure…


  2. REPLY
    Michael Edson says

    Well the distance from vision to paper to paver seems impossibly far, yet here it is! Given the opportunity I would run around and hug everyone and give them a big pat on the back for this incredible progress. I know that seen and unseen, there are many involved in this. Congrats on the collective effort. David, you have been on the front line of all of this. This is good work. No sandy foundation here. When the storms come the work will stand the test.
    I love you Dave,

  3. REPLY
    Barbara Redalia says

    Hi David
    It is amazing to see what is going on there in Nairobi! We wish you the best always, and if you wish to see what I have been up to you have only to check out our website to see our kitties, at

    My work as a school psychologist for Santa Rosa City Schools has come to an end, but I am able to see a few clients as a licensed educational psychologist, (bilingual), which I especially enjoy.

    On Mothers Day here we were able to have 5 of our 6 offspring and our one granddaughter, Lily, here with us, and we celebrated Sarita’a birthday a bit early, as well as her brother, Mike’s, which is May 9th. Lily is in grad school at Cal State East Bay in Hayward, and is close to completing her course work to become a speech and language specialist. After this year she will have an internship to do, but at least that will be paid. She and Sarita are very close, and often spend time together in old SF.
    Best wishes always for the work you have chosen, but we wish you were here.

  4. REPLY
    Barbara Redalia says

    Some day, please come back; we’d love to see you!

  5. REPLY
    Rima Barkett says

    Impressive work! I can’t wait to see it in preson!

  6. REPLY
    Ed Richardson says


    You’re incredible! Each time I read an update – it’s magical. What you and the crew have accomplished is unbelievable with the tools at hand.

    The buildings look great and the pathway is remarkable..

    When do you think you’ll have you first parade around the property with your “tall friends”?

    Wouldn’t that be cool…..only a few more months before the “group arrives” Be well and enjoy their visit.

    Ed Richardson

  7. REPLY
    migdalia says

    That looks so fantastic. How I wish i was there!!! Just wonderful.
    David—Thank you over and over again….also, got into MSW at
    SF State…in part, because of you. Thanks. One day I hope to
    come visit there again. Much love

  8. REPLY
    Bob says

    Hey Mon, it looks like things are fine in Mt. Idy, he goes on. Highest marks for diligence, creativity & perseverance…”“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.”…Winston Churchill…This week’s selection is “The Adventures Of The Felice Brothers.” I can’t get it off my ipod…More to come in an actual email…All our love…Patti & Bob

  9. REPLY
    david says


    Your labyrinth is at Rocky Creek or SJ? DG must act like quarry dust here. Fly-ash pavers – sounds like a hip hop description of a nice looking female road worker, but I’m guessing they’re paving stones I’m unfamiliar with.

    Here maize, there maze. Keep an eye out for the Minotaur, and sequester the virgins.

    All the tall ones say hi, and so do we short ones.



  10. REPLY
    david says

    Hi Ed,

    Apart from the subterranean trickle we have been tracking down, the foundations should still be doing their job when the 2061 Halley’s dance card fills up, and maybe the next go round, too. All of us will have a different seat for that showing.

    I’ll pass round the back pats and congrats to all. Thanks. Let’s hope you and Nena get the opportunity to squeeze them in person next Valentine’s Day.

    Love you, too, brother,


  11. REPLY
    david says

    Dear Ed,

    Great to hear from you! A giraffe parade. Now that is an idea whose time has come! The logistics and negotiations may be a little challenging, but I’m going to put my best man on it. A trail of fresh acacia leaves all around the circuit just might do the trick.

    Looking forward to the group arriving. I’d be more pleased if you and Dottie were among them.

    I’ll send parade photos. Love to you both,


  12. REPLY
    david says

    Dear Migdalia,

    Big congratulations on getting into the MSW program at SF State. Fantastic!

    Our first little dirt trails through the five and three acres have grown up. You and Janine saw them as babies and now as grown-ups. Your imprints are still in the soil here.

    You will always have a place to hang your hats here.



  13. REPLY
    david says

    Hello Bob,

    Sometimes I look like Charley Weaver, an feel like the guy Churchill was talking about. I’ve got the Felice Bros on now. Tough dudes. Think Helen Fry might consider a trip over here?

    Are you all healed up? And by the way, can you get the Pads to throw at least one game against Los Gigantes? Holy Mackerel.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Love to you and Patti and the kitty.


  14. REPLY
    Bob says

    For all I know she might be there now, she being a master of disguise & all…Bob

  15. REPLY
    david says

    Hi Barbara,

    For some reason, your comment just got posted. It was lovely to hear from you. It sounds as though, in spite of your job ending, you have managed to stay quite busy, which doesn’t surprise me at all. I imagine Sarita’s birthday fest was a lot of fun. And, today is her birthday. The website for the cats didn’t come through in the comment. Probably some kind of filter, but I’ll get the info and check it out. Very glad to hear all’s well with the family.

    Please send my best to Richard and all the offspring. I’d love to get up your way next time I’m back.



  16. REPLY
    david says

    Hi Rima,

    It’s here waiting for you. Hope to see you soon. We’ll keep a light on.


  17. REPLY
    Joy says

    Hi David ,

    I’m all booked for June 22 and cannot wait to get out there to see first hand the amazing work you have done . I am counting the days .

    Love Joy

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