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5 May 2010 – Half Pipes Part 2 – The Other Halves

Here’s part 2.

Good night,



  1. Chris L says

    What a whirl of different activities. Seems even busier than usual—and that’s saying alot. The electrical lines will carry power from the generator house until electricity can be brought in from the outside?

    Monte, in your flipflops, it looks like you were doing about as much manual labor as I used to do. But I imagine that furniture shopping with B. has you plum tuckered out 🙂

  2. david says

    Hi Chris,

    The electrical cables we are burying will, indeed all go to the Generator house and to the generator, so that we can produce our own electricity. When we get hooked up to the grid, we will bring that cable, buried once it’s on the property, to the generator also, that is, to the big panel box we will have there, and then the whole cable system will already be in place and we will be all set, for generator or grid juice.

    Monte is too tired to respond.

    Love you, brother,


    PS How’d you sneak by Big Brother this time?

  3. Martin says

    Chris — A discerning eye will note that I’m actually waiting patiently for them to finish digging the ditch and erecting the wall, so I can drop the last stone into place and be the hero.

    A cherry picker on and off the court.

  4. Chris L says

    David, after reading this post, I cut some old PVC pipe in half at Rocky Creek, ran the generator line through it to my computer…and presto, your blog let me right in this time.

    Hey, Monte, in your city-wide surfing with B., have you managed to cherry-pick any world cup tickets yet?

  5. david says


    There’s more than one way to skin a censor. Good to have you back in the pipeline.


  6. Chris L says

    Great work. Amazingly Debi and I (and friends) are doing nearly exactly the same thing here—except that our materials are base rock, DG, and fly-ash pavers to build the paths of a labyrinth. So for once I understand your tools and methodology. It’s great to see Joyce and the gang through the maize. And, of course, those long elegant fellows we love so much that no maize field could ever obscure…


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