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5 May 2010 – Half Pipes, Part 1



I hope your Cinco de Mayo was all you hoped it would be. Ours was, guacamole and all. Lots has happened in your hemisphere. The Chief and Karen got married, Tom turned sixty, and some other very important stuff that is still classified. Here we have marked our progress in dug and filled trenches, workshop walls and armored cable.


Here’s part one, looking over its shoulder at part two.


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So long for now,




  1. REPLY
    Paula Machado says

    Hi David,
    Woo whee! What progress!
    Such a vivid web site.
    Quite often the highlight of my day.
    Your illustrated stories are true gems.
    “A day in the life of” with all the colors:
    …A cart overturned, …..Mr S, …. hauling pipes,….. the door carver, precious children, et al.
    May the detailed stories of your “works of love in progress” reach me again soon, while finding you in good spirits and health.
    Kind Regards, David!

  2. REPLY
    david says

    Hi Paula,

    I’m glad the updates give you such a sense of connectedness to the project. It’s easy enough for me to let the distance create distance, and life here has its own “to do” list that can seem a little full at times.

    Our spirits and health are good, and we’re thankful for that, and for your interest and kind care.

    Good to be in touch,


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