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11 November 2009 – Another Day, Another Shilling

Here’s a record in pictures of some of the action at the property today, Wednesday.


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Tomorrow were pouring the floor finish. Very exciting in our world. We’ll tell you all about it.




  1. REPLY
    Jon Gustorf says

    Looking good David, very inspiring indeed!

  2. REPLY
    Chris L says

    Wow. Easter Island’s turned into Shambhala in just a couple days. You’ll have to put away your carving tools and pick up a a calligrapher’s quill to paint on Kathmandu eyes on each little stupa now.

    Those three-way steps between kitchen, indoor eating, and residences look like the soul of graceful function.

    I loved your blog before being in person at the orphanage myself. Like others who have visited, I’m sure, I can’t quite begin to tell you what each image-as-its-own-story means to me now…

    Thank you, brother.

    (And by the way, whence has arisen this recent bloggerly tailwind?)

  3. REPLY
    Peggy says

    Love seeing life as it is lived in this distant land. Watching the little ones (my life’s work) reminds just how much we have in common.

    Yea, for the vegetable man! And does Sabobo have anything to do with those lazy guys on the steps?


  4. REPLY
    david says

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks. You’ve been a consistent follower of the proceedings over here, and always a big encouragement. Great seeing you last summer.


  5. REPLY
    david says

    Brother Chris,

    It would be fun to decorate the foundation supports, lovely as they already are, before they move into mostly darkness. Knowing they were adorned would comfort and help us, I think.

    I couldn’t agree more. The servery steps are the best thing on the eight acres, and, I’ll remind you, they sprang into conceptual existence one late afternoon when you and Debi were helping me find the flow of things there. They have some of the soul of each of you in them, and so are beautiful and full of grace.

    The photos, each a touchstone to something so personally referential to you must be strange and wonderful. Life is a trip, eh Homes.

    Been listening to Bon Iver lately.


  6. REPLY
    david says

    Hi Peg,

    Your life’s work must now be wrangling expense records from the delinquent. Mi dispiace.

    The vegetable man rocks.

    Check the picture of the day for a partial answer to your last question.

    Love from this side,


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