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15 November 2009 – Floored

Here’s day one of the floor-finishing fest. Day two soon.


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See you in the next room,




  1. REPLY
    Greg Traverso says

    David, will these have the look of the floors we often marveled at in Lamu?

  2. REPLY
    david says


    Yes. And also some of the ones in Tuscany, too. The color will fade after curing and days of polishing.


  3. REPLY
    Chris L says

    Beautiful. Japolo could get himself some work in Tuscany, too.

    Why the elliptical strokes, like planetary spheres? I know there’s some good functional reason. They’re also beautiful in their own right.

    Who’s Bon Iver? I’m showing my ignorance here.


  4. REPLY
    david says

    Hi Chris,

    The elliptical strokes, when done right, leave no “last mark,” so to speak. A continuous erasing of the slightly raised line left by the spreader. Also, when all is said and done, there are several loose rows of these ellipses that are quite attractive and subtle and feminine in their curvature.

    Bon Iver (good winter), terrific band. Justin Vernon and a few friends. YouTube them. Stacks, for Emma, the acapella version, Flume, etc. Lovely.


  5. REPLY
    Paula Machado says

    This floor transformation reflects skill and artistry.
    Simply ” floored’ by the talent! . :-))
    Blessings to all of you. Thurs is Thanksgiving.
    I bookmarked your site, as it is exciting to view the evolution.
    The beautiful pictures are vivid shots of what a day is like there.
    Such brilliant and loving work.. keep at it!

    Now I want to give Bon Iver a listen for the first time and enjoy the moment.
    Smiles across the miles.

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