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10 November 2009 – A Week in the Books

Hello there,


The photos below span about a week, and include construction updates, a couple of days in Naivasha, and a couple more poking around in Nairobi.






This is the spot where the extension of our road meets the Mombasa Road in Athi River. Sunday morning, two “thugs,” as all criminals are called here, were arguing about the selling price of a water tank they had stolen the night before. A security guard overheard them and raised the alarm. A crowd gathered quickly and killed the two men with rocks and other things. Gilbert found one of the corpses lying there on his way to buy food that morning.


There are some hard truths here,




  1. Chris L says

    Yes, hard truths indeed. You leave us with the impossible task of trying to imagine how Gilbert experienced this. But I know that’s an impossible task for you as well — and for Gilbert himself, I’m sure.

    We need these hard truths just as we need the poetry of all the finish work being done.

    I love how the steps lead up to — and into — things. You know I’m a sucker for the “flow”…

  2. Pat says

    Hello Brother,
    Wow, the raising of the Residence Bulidings and the finish work of the MPB look wonderful! The Social Justice along the road is something horrific for certain but something that a past visitor to Kenya can imagine [but still not truly understand] in this frontier country. Sobobo’s new traveling digs looks both functional and meets the needs of your sidekick! He looks very happy David! I trust you are well and full of God’s graces as you forge forward! I saw Ali and Boo Boo on Sunday. Boo is turning into a young lady! Ali is a growing young mother to be. Both looked fabulous! Hugs and Love Dera Brother. Have a blessed day. Patric

  3. Ed Richardson says


    You continue to amaze me with these updates. The children’s first house is looking good! What are the dimensions of it?

    The squareness of it is mind boggling with what you have to work with. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy a good meal. That shrimp you had a few days ago sure looked good.

    Be well.


  4. martin says

    rest assured that no matter how rickety and obsolete, you could never be replaced by a small circuit board.

    unless it was a reallllly good one from Japan or somewhere.


    p.s. counting the lion on your walk, you’ve now had real, non-safari, close encounters with two of the Big Five. i don’t think Sabobo knew what he was signing on for.

  5. Jenny Marquez says

    I recall a story about Michaelangelo where he once said that he uncovered the art within the stones he chipped. He released the image from the stone. He believed his job was to uncover what already existed. In a way your talent and blessings are similar. You have found much good in a difficult place and chipped away at to reveal much beauty. The marked difference between your work and that of Michaelangelo is that his work could only evoke emotion. In the end, with all its beauty it may well have brought a sense of spirituality and a desire to be closer to God. Your work with stone does that, but instead of releasing the figure within, it works to nourish the mind, body and soul and puts into action the living figures who work to build, who work to heal and teach. In the end you and the children you all help are the living art of the true Master.
    God bless your work. It is wonderful. God bless the children, they are precious.

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