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28 October 2009 – Mortar-fied

From the news room:



I was thinking about Halloween tonight, a distant echo here, and listening to “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” while  pecking away at this post. Just after, found a good sized bat flying in the breezeway outside my door in the darkness.


Don’t get scared,




  1. Michael Edson says

    I know how much Sabobo means to you, and how comforting it is to the rest of us that he has your back. I would if I could be there, or at least would give it the old Airborne try. I ran, loped, Rockville Park outside of Fairfield this evening and thought about the few times we ran there together. The progress continues to be stunning. Forward a “Hooray!” to everyone there from here. The work will stand the test of time in more ways than simply not falling down.
    With love and missing you here…..Ed

  2. Miss B says


    I know I’m here with you, but it sometimes takes a few great pictures to truly depict the latest progress of RROP! Keep up the great work… keep rollin’…. and hooray to the progress! We’re getting there…

    Miss B

  3. Jim Micheletti says

    Icabod David, you continue to inspire. Holy Mortar and a dog that looks like a jackyl from The Omen. The oh-so impressive labor of love. Thanks for sharing, caring, and inspiring. The Spirits (our mascot) at Notre Dame have been spooking you with many emails lately. Don’t sweat getting back to all of ’em. Just feel our prayers, love and support.

  4. david says

    Hi Ed,

    Sabobo’s got a ways to go to match the number fo times you have had my back, but he’s working on it. Rockville Park, what a fine place to run. Glad to hear you’re lacing up the sneakers again and running down the deer. Let’s hobble around together when I’m home at Christmas. The orchards are waiting. Love to you and Neena.


  5. david says

    Hi B,

    You’re sitting next to me and I’m typing in my response…it’s a mixed up world. But thanks for the encouragement and all your hard work. Lots of things coming together. And many of them due to your persistent efforts in an often Byzantine system. Thanks from all of us,


  6. david says

    Hi Jimbo,

    I have gotten all the Spirit missives, and love each of them. I’ve been out of internet reach for a couple of days (on Mars?) but will get back to all of them soon. Bless you and the whole school for your exemplary efforts. Can’t wait to see you all. love to the Micheletti girls, and to you, dear brother.


  7. Chris L says

    I like the dichotomy. The inside is starting to look as well wired and well healed as a boardroom. And then the outside wood pilings look as delinquently animist as a miniature Easter Island.

    Since you have so much time on your hands, maybe you and Miss B could whittle/carve on a few of them. You know, finish up by pouring a little scotch at the base of each and liberate their spirits. Sabobo’s like a nagual already anyway.

  8. david says


    I like the carving idea; it has a future. And yes, Mr S is busy leading us all down the higher consciousness path, in between long naps and setting his sights on motor bike taxis. He’s got a bit of Dylan in him.


  9. Chris L says

    Wow. Those motor bike taxi guys must be re-thinking things fast. I sure wouldn’t want to be the third passenger on one of those bikes with Mr S boring in on me from the side.

  10. david says


    Mr S has a particular dislike of motor bikes, but I am working to take the edge off of it. He is uncertain about the proposed change. Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner.


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