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22 October 2009 – “Dad, do I have to got to work today?” or, “Where is Charles Dickens when you need him.”

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We’re tucked in now, but will reconvene, same place, tomorrow.




  1. REPLY
    Debi Lorenc says

    Sigh! Beautiful. David looks bigger. The patio is to die for.
    Miss it all.

  2. REPLY
    Chris L says

    The recommended pairing with the river sand is a sampling of single malt scotchs — in a row right next to Sabobo. I imagine he’d look after them just fine.

  3. REPLY
    Janine Reimann says


    Wowww, that looks beautiful! Congratulations! And I LOVE little David, hahaha. He is aspiring to be just like the big one, isn’t he 😮 )


  4. REPLY
    Peggy says

    What a pictorial record there will be of Little David’s growth right along with the Red Rhino Children’s Home! Hopefully he will look back at this with us.

  5. REPLY
    david says

    Hi Debi,

    David is growing, walking, sprouting teeth. He’s more discerning in his choice of company, and has been crying as soon as I get within his radar. I’m sure we’ll renew our former pal-hood as soon as I become a better person.

    The patio may well be to die for. levelizing these stones is killing us!

    Miss you too,


  6. REPLY
    david says


    Mr S loved the suggestion of him guarding the single malts, as long as no one was monitoring the levels.

    Loved the last blog on Red Egg. Thanks for the heads up. Has Bubba been on the juice?

    Keep your bag handy,


  7. REPLY
    david says

    Hi Janine,

    I think the Davids’ aspirations are reversed. Maybe we’ll meet in the middle.

    The place has changed since you and Migdalia were here, but you set the tone with all your hard work.

    Love to you both,


  8. REPLY
    david says

    Hi Peggy,

    Yes, David’s growth record will parallel our own. He’s our first homegrown human, and we couldn’t have done better.

    Hi to Doug, love to you both,


  9. REPLY
    Maria McCaffrey says

    I see a book here. It is written with simple sentences and fantastic photos that tell the story virtually by themselves. Send it to a publisher! David is a star!
    Thank you for sharing these. : )

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