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20 October 2009 – Crackin’ Wise

Today had an easy, guided feel, like driving a good two-track dirt road. It was a holiday, Kenyatta Day, as I mentioned. But the guys preferred to work. We sang the national anthem with putty knives in our hands.


Oh God of all creation

Bless this our land and nation

Justice be our shield and defender

May we stand to defend…


Here’s how the rest of our day’s song played out.


Steady now,




  1. Chris L says

    Hey, are you guys building an orphanage — or a Tuscan farmhouse?

    From where does the elegance of this stone and plaster work derive?

  2. Peggy says

    That white room is beautiful! and that black dog is beyond words.

  3. Jenny M. says

    Bravo! Be it every so humble. You are making a home which just also happens to function as an orphanage. Way to teach us all how to multi-task. Your labor is love. May your love be contagious. Would that we could build a vaccine from that good germ and inoculate the world to spiritual as well as physical health. God must smile from time to time when He looks down upon the efforts of the supporters and loving people of the Red Rhino Orphanage.

  4. Ed Richardson says


    Jenny M. said it so well, all I could do is smile and wipe tears from my eyes.

    You are a saint.

    Ed R

  5. david says

    Dear Chris,

    We’re hoping to lure a nice American couple with an Eyetalian inclination to come live here and cook for us. Any ideas?? The wine cellar will be jammed with Brunello Nobile from the vineyards neighboring our beloved Sant’ Antimo.

    I ordered a load of sand today, granted a big one, thirty tons, from Shamji. It costs 81% as much as the mazzera stone for all three areas (1500sq ft for $586.00), one of the twisty myst’ries of construction in Kenya.

    Wait ’til you see the finished cement floor. You’d think Frances Mayes was moving in.

    Ci vediamo, fratello.

  6. david says

    Hi Peggy,

    I love the white room and the black dog, too. More and more. I’ll get you the info you need soon. Working on it.


  7. david says

    Hi Jenny,

    I hope and believe that God is smiling on our efforts, and no doubt laughing out loud at times. On our own, we’d be sunk, time and again. Our place is His place, so to speak.

    Thanks for the uplift,


  8. david says

    Hi Ed,

    You have a great heart for this project, and I love it. I may have you write a letter to certain authorities here on my behalf..so they can come to share your view of me.

    I’ll make sure you get a first class relic when I croak.

    Your sinner pal,


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