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03/25: Tea at Joyce’s

It had been a while, a little too long for Joyce’s liking, and mine. So Brit and I set out about 6:30 for tea at our friend’s.



I don’t come to Joyce’s for a perspective tune up, but as often as not I get one. I got one tonight, if only just for tonight.



  1. Chris says

    So beautiful and humbling. We love the work-and-progress reports — but a quiet spell with Joyce and the kids gives us a “perspective tune up,” too.

    Now, get some sleep, David. You’re going to need it!



  2. Pat says

    Good Day My Brother,
    How was the tea? Good as ever I expect! The kids have really grown. Joyce looks wonderful too. Brit looks so peaceful with her arms full. Please give her my best. What a wonderful Kenyan sunset! Remember, it’s all in God’s time and according to His infinite plan!!! Sleep well and know that everyone in Kenya is in our prayers continually. We’re all doing whatever we can to aid in the effort each day too. Hugs, Prayers and Love Always Bunky.

  3. david says

    Dear Chris and Debi,

    So now your long journey brings you below the equator, to Kenya, and a meeting beyond hope but somehow always sure. We will be well met, and wait together for the sun.

    See you at 4.



  4. david says

    Hello Brother Pat,

    How nice to see you here. The tea was good and sweet and shared with love. All of us here miss you very much and many ask,

    “How is the big mzungu?”

    “He’s fine, and sends his greetings to you and your family,”I answer.

    Your prayers and constant support hold us up here in ways that only someone who has been here can know. Thank you and Alicia for that.

    We’ll keep a stool reserved for you at Joyce’s until your return.

    Until then, receive the love of all here who miss you.


  5. Bob says

    Apparently serenity currently reigns. May it always be so…Bob

  6. Samantha says

    Hi David,

    Nduko, Josephine, Anton and all the kids look truly beautiful! I am always sending you all the positive energy I can….thanks for the pictures and reports….they really help us to feel closer to you guys. Send my love to everyone over there, even if I haven’t met them yet. Some day I will come and visit….I know it! Big hugs full of faith and love, S.

  7. david says

    Hello Bob,

    Amen. And if we can find some way to make you blessing stick, I will be the happiest, serenest man in Kenya…and I will know who to thank.

    I think of Old Heather Road when I think of serenity.



  8. david says

    Dear Samantha,

    Your love and positive energy have been raining down on all of us here, and working to great effect. Today I received the documents allowing us to resume construction! we will be busy and happy for some time. We all await your visit.

    Love from this side,


  9. Pam Burns (Furlong) says

    As always, your sweet words and pictures bring tears to my eyes. God is so good! Keep on truckin and squeeze a little Bugger for me would ya? Can’t wait until our paths meet again. You are in our prayers.


  10. david says

    Thanks Pam.

    In some ways it all started for me on that run we took from the Milimani Hotel into Nairobi when that street boy started running with us. And here we are. I’ll squeeze as many as I can for you, and you keep praying for us, please. Love to joel and the kids,


  11. martin says

    i’ve heard that story about the Milimani before, and, more importantly, saw it in your eyes as you told it. clearly, he was the flint and you are the steel.

    Joyce’s at sunset… that is Africa.


    p.s. and then there were FOUR… what began in goleta shall end in detroit!

  12. david says

    Dear Martin,

    Joyce asks about you regularly…usually around sunset, at tea.

    I am leading the tournament pool I’m in largely because of Ty and the boys. I heard Jimmy Connors is headed to the Motor City, sans ticket.



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