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04/04: 2009 Walkathon a Success!

On Sunday, March 29, 2009, the 3rd Annual RROP Walk-a-thon took place on the track at Saint Mary’s High School in Stockton, CA.  The event was organized by the International Outreach Club (IOC) of Saint Mary’s.  Saint Mary’s students, as well as students from other Stockton and Lodi schools, showing great solidarity,  came to support RROP.

It was an exciting  gathering packed full of  great people: DJ Music provided by Ray Naylor Jr., live music performed by the Lincoln Boyd Band, dancing by the Saint Mary’s Multi-Cultural Club (and other students who joined them from other area schools), an incredible BBQ provided by the Toccoli Family, and all of the parent and other volunteers who made the event and great experience and success.

An estimated 225 people attended and the event raised approximately $14,500!  A special thank you to our Sponsors who are featured in our 2009 Official RROP Walkathon Sponsors’ Banner.

The following pictures were sent by Danielle, the International Outreach Club (IOC) President for the 2008-2009 school year. The photos themselves were taken by Michael of Saint Mary’s High School.

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  1. Alex Di Fiore says

    Seems as though a good time was had by all!

    Peace and Love,


  2. Ed Richardson says

    The day was planned to the Nth degree! Great outing to raise funds and continued awareness of the RROP project.

    Keep the good work and volunteering going! Everyone involved is contributing to making a difference for chlidren less fortunate on the otherside of the World.

  3. Greg Traverso says

    Ed, so glad you and Dottie traveled all the way up to Stockton from San Diego for the event! Thanks for walking, Greg

  4. Greg Traverso says

    ..and for your generous donation to the effort.

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