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03/12: Construction Redux

Gentle Readers,


If you’re like me, you’ve been wondering where the cool photos of the ring beam and the trusses and maybe even the new roof are. Well, they’re still coming, but they’ve been delayed by a halt in the construction. Almost two weeks ago a crew of the local county council, about ten, with a few armed police for good measure, arrived at the property and wanted to see the approved building plans. We had building plans, but our architect, whose job it was to get the approval had dragged his feet and hadn’t gotten it done yet. This was his/our fault and normally would have warranted a warning to get them approved within a week, or maybe something a little stronger. But in this case, I was “arrested” and drove myself, with one of the policemen to the station. I met with the head officer and we were prohibited from continuing construction until a list of things were done. One of which under normal circumstances could take a very long time.  We have been working quite hard on this since, and have some very competent people in our hire. We’re hoping to be back it soon. No one that I know or have talked to had ever seen this kind of initial response to a permit situation (which are very common here) before. Most were dumbfounded. But, there’s been plenty to do and we’ve been doing it. And hopefully we will be snapping photos of new construction soon.



Not all the news around requires Xanax.





I got a haircut Tuesday. The more longsuffering among you may remember the Executive Kinyozi (barbershop) and Minipub in Machakos with the chimp on the crapper, or Malcolm at the Amazing Executive Barbershop in Nairobi and my near death experience there. While it may seem self evident to most of you clear thinkers out there that if I wanted to find someone who could cut hair like mine, I should go where people with hair like mine go, this has only recently dawned on me.

So I went to a mall in Nairobi.

I found a next up, multi-stylist place. No more making finger scissors and ducking clippers, just healing feminine energy, a little of the human touch, a brief sojourn in nurtureland, I figured. And happily, Eric, my next up stylist brought most of that to the chair and I leaned back and blessed the inscrutable universe.



Don’t let your architect slack off,




  1. Jenny says

    I must say, I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland looking through the looking-glass into your world. I am in awe of the way you and others have answered God’s call. I offer my prayers for the continued success of your mission and for the children whose lives are now intermingled with yours as a family.

    Your work is God’s work, but then, you know that. God bless you more and more.

    Love to all

    • david says

      Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for the prayers for us and for the kids. I tend to feel like the Mad Hatter a lot.


  2. Pam Burns (Furlong) says

    Always a joy to hear what is going on. Glad you are well. Spoke with Greg at length the other day and got all caught up with youins. Keep up “the work” and God bless you.


    • david says

      Hi Pam,

      Greg mentioned you had a long talk. Very nice. With all the temperature weirdness, Alaska may seem more like Lamu these days. Gotta get beck there.

      Love to Joel and the kids,


  3. Greg says

    DAVID, GREAT JOB MY MAN. Greetings from my C Period Geography Class–we’re looking at this most recent journal posting. Take good care.

    PS they caught the typo at the end

    • david says

      Thanks G,

      And tell the C Period hawkeyes I fixed the typo.


  4. martin says

    so you’re, like, totally hanging out at the mall these days? did you, like, get some sbarro and mrs. fields or what?

    gotta say, your locks are the winner in this deal, but we are the losers… i don’t know when i’ve laughed harder than watching you nervously bob and weave in that chair, as stanley (?) tried to go edward scissorhands on your dome… had he gone any shorter, i fear you might’ve turned him into the amazing executed barber.

    here’s that blog entry you mentioned, for anyone who needs a refresher:


    • david says

      Hi Martin,

      I would hang out more at the mall, but I’d have to find a way to manage the hives that I break out in when I’m there. Malls seem to be a great cross cultural institution. Same old crap no matter where they are. And yes, you’re right it was Stanley at the Am. Ex. Barber shop and you the only surviving eye witness. Malcolm was next in the succession of hair killers from a place a block or so down from Stanley’s. It has a woman’s name as the title but it escapes me now.

      Go Tarheels…but without Ty Lawson…can they manage?


  5. Chris says

    I don’t know what I’m waiting for more. The photo of Venus or the photo of your latest haircut in a mall. Can we get them both together?

    Like Venus cresting just above you — and the new-do in its nimbus?

    Debi’s threatening to drag us off to some new crazy place — but we’re on our way in your direction. I figure we’ll beat the container ship.



  6. Debi says

    Yeah, there are some places to go for sure, but I DO want to be there to be one of the first to get a ride on the green gator.

    Hope we’re there to help unpack. Timing should sync.

    Save the name of the hair stylist in the mall, I’m in need of a haircut.


  7. david says

    Hi Chris,

    Venus is definitely prettier than than the haircut or the head it rests on, But I’ll work on the photo.

    Maybe you and Debi could come IN the container. Save a few bucks on the last leg hereward. You could stow away in Cairo or Rhumbek.

    We’ll keep a light on,


  8. david says

    Hi Debi,

    I’ve just secured your shotgun spot on the inuagural gator run. Maybe we can have Eric the stylist riding in the back and take care of that haircut at the same time. We’ll try to pick a smooth stretch of terrain for the occasion.

    Travel well. Love,


  9. Janine Reimann says

    Hi David,

    Wowwwww! I amazed by all the progress and the unsolicided support and all the stuff that fit into the container, hahaha!

    Can’t wait to come and visit! I am very good a cutting hair!

    Much Love,
    Janine & Migdalia

    • david says

      Hi Janine,

      Great to hear from you. Yea, the container effort showed a great deal of generosity by so many people and businesses. I can’t wait to get it here and begin putting all of the stuff to good use.

      I got the email about Migdalia’s photography exhibition. It sounds very exciting. Please send my best wishes to her for great success.

      Come back anytime. You are both most welcome.



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