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04/16: Journal Feed Sign Up

Hello Again,

I just launched a new journal sputnik into cyberspace. I know I said there wouldn’t be any more of these little reminders, and that’s mostly true, sort of. Of the six hundred or so of you who have given us your email address so you could be the happy recipients of these notifications, only about a hundred of you have signed up for the new and improved notification system on the website. It really is a better mouse trap. As it is now, you have to sign up on the home page for the Recent News auto-notification, and on the David’s Journal page for the journal auto-notification. If it sounds complicated it’s not. Any old computer phobic soul can easily manage it.

Just go to:


look on the right side of the page, under Recent News, find “Subscribe to news via email”, type in your email address, click on subscribe, and follow the prompts. Then go to David’s Journal page and do the same thing. There’s free candy at the end.

I’m going to keep after you on this one. Remember, it’s for your own good.

Let’s all remember to eat our vegetables, too. While we’re at it.



  1. Linda says

    well you can also subscribe through a reader….see link on the right. Works great, you can see everyone’s blog news without having to visit each one.

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