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04/22: Sticks & Quarried Stones

Over the past couple of days, Gilbert and I, and for part of the time a young stone worker, Murafu, laid out and built the footings for an 8’x20′ cargo container which I bought last week, which we’ll use for secure storage. We dove headlong into the arithmetic world and suffered the geometric heartache of having our rectangle unmasked as a parallelogram flush with 89 and 91 degree angles. But we were men about it, dried our eyes, and measured the diagonals a dozen more times until, Holy Pythagoras! a-squared times b-squared really did equal c-squared.

What follows is the photographic record of this small step for mankind.

It’s not the pyramid of Giza or the Three Gorges dam (we already did that), but it is a safe, extremely level future home for our new/second hand container. And a very handy brush up of some old book learning.

For the beauty of unchanging theorems,



  1. Pat Gustorf says

    Dave – What a great story!! I am going to show this to my Geometry class next week. I now have an answer to “when are we ever going to use this?”!!!

    Know all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. I so enjoy your updates and so appreciate all you are doing for so many…

    Love to you, Pat

  2. martin says

    classic sportscenter moment:

    clip of a shaq quote: “my game is like the pythagorean theorem — there is no answer.”

    dan patrick: “we didn’t have the heart to tell him the answer is c-squared.”

  3. Greg Traverso says

    Dave, to me this is a turning point with the website. It is a way for one to follow the progress of the building phase of the project in a very real way. I also really like the picture of the day captions with the date–it makes it come alive. Good on ya mate, cheers, Greg

  4. david says


    Yes, geometry in action! And it falls into the..”if he can do it, surely all of you can” category. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. Douglas sent me China’s song from his new movie –terrific.

    Love to you and Jon and the kids,


  5. david says


    Then I guess I’ll have to turn down Diesel’s request to come and help us build in the off-season, which unless they get it in gear, is going to start any day now.

    We all miss you,


  6. david says

    Mista Gleg,

    Glad you can feel the goings on here in a different way on the website now. You, better than anyone, know the rhythm and hum of life here.

    Moving on,


  7. Peggy says

    Pat beat me to it, but I was going to suggest this slide show be viewed in math classes all over the planet. We have to pass this on to teachers. I’ll do my part.

    What an excellent job you did with the story, showing the exercise of the brain muscle in addition to all of the others. I see that you put a strain on your brain — keys locked in the car with the motor running??!!

    Such good work, David
    We love you!

  8. Debi says


    That’s the cutest damn dog! And the puppy’s pretty good lookin, too.

    The blog is excellent, we’re going to steal the format for our blog. Then it can be from your blog to our blog, and so on.


  9. Janine & Migdalia says

    Hi David,

    I am not sure if you actually have the time to read all these responses BUT every little move you make and report makes the two of us jump of our seats and cheer! Gosh it must be hard having kids, hahaha! And I am not going to comment on the math … Keep up the good work. Say “Hi” to Gilbert and his wife. Also, could you write some about Mary and Joyce?

    Much love,
    Janine & Migdalia

  10. David says

    Hi Peggy,

    Yea, that geometry is taxing stuff. It’s even worse than I owned up to…my spare key was in my backpack, which was also locked in the cab of the truck. Good things there are so many guys around handy with a coat hanger (which we bought at a nearby kiosk for 10ks) who are always anxious to help.

    Thanks for the encouraging words and all your hard work, Peggy.



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