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04/13: Mildred and Gilbert have a baby boy!!!

Yesterday morning about 7:ooam, Gilbert and I were dealing with an unpleasant police matter when Gilbert got a phone call. It was Mildred, telling Gilbert that she had delivered a healthy baby boy.

Kenyans don’t go in for baby measurements, so no report on the weight and length. Just that both he and Mildred are healthy, which was not a given in this case. Mildred, who had been living here with Gilbert, left for Kakamega in Western Province to be with her mother. She spent the last stage of her pregnancy in hospital, because the baby had shown serious signs of wanting an early exit, and in fact he got one, but not too early. Gilbert is as happy as he can be. No name yet. But you’ll know when I do.

Here’s the proud father in an earlier shot, straightening nails on a broken track roller that came off of the bulldozer that built the dam.


  1. martin says

    fantastic news!!

    tell gilbert “drogba” makes a fine name.


  2. david says

    Dear Martin,

    Didier also has a nice ring, to anyone in blue, but they have settled another “D” name, although one with no obvious futbol portent for young David Andere.


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