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08 March 2013 – An Election Christmas

Merry Christmarch,

As many of you may know, we have just  held Presidential elections here in Kenya. The vote tally is now delayed four days. Four long days. Our own brand of March Madness.

But what’s been delayed even longer is the pictures of Christmas here. I just got them. What’s better than Christmas in March anyway? Maybe only barbecued goat ribs.

There were lots of necessary preparations for the Eve and the Day. Let’s take the wrapping off  and have a peek inside.

Our real present came late. This is Daniel. He’s 11. He’s a gem.


Maybe St. Nick will bump into St. Paddy on his tardy return and buy him a pint of the best.

Our best, and not just a pint of it, to all of you,



  1. Bob Saunders says

    MMMMMM…goat ribs!!!

  2. Bonnie Neuer says

    I LOVED the Christmas pictures – – – and in March! The kids look wonderful and the day was special! I would love to be there for a Christmas! Thanks for lighting up my day.

  3. david says

    Dear Bob,

    We’ll add them to our next order from Maritza’s. And you and Rod and I will rochambeau for the last one.

    El chivo sabroso,


  4. david says

    Hi Bonnie,

    We’ll have a present under the tree for you next year. Maybe some sunglasses.

    Happy Holidays,


  5. Martin says

    Tell Paddy and Nicky to head down to the Vuvuzela for a mean Pilsner moto.

    And put it on Kenyatta’s tab while they’re at it — only a four-leaf-clover would explain the 0.07% that clinched it for him.


  6. Brittan says

    Boy, do I miss all the kids! I remember changing all their nappies! Looks like they’re eating plenty of mutton and growing tall!

    Sending much love your way. Keep up the good work boss man! Be sure to say hello to Gilbert and everyone else.


  7. Peggy says

    Can’t believe I just looked at this photo story. Thanks, David, for letting us share the real celebration the kids had. I smiled all the way through in response to their smiles. Thanks to you, Joy, and the staff for putting those smiles there!

  8. Chris says

    The kids, as usual, are spectacular in the day-to-day beauty of what they’re up to…

    I’d love (when/if you find the time) a “post-game” on the Kenyan elections now. I get something from the BBC — but that “something” isn’t what we’d get firsthand from you, dear brother.

  9. david says

    Dear Martin,

    We miss you here. I still haven’t made it to the Vuvuzela. Maybe the name has kept me at a distance.
    The 0.07% (James Bond’s margin) was only to avoid a run off. One million plus was the gap. In any case, there is still the Hague to answer to. Might need a field of clover for that one.

    Hurry back,


  10. david says

    Miss B,

    We miss you, too, all and sundry. No more nappies, but plenty of work to do. Swing back by on one of your world jewelry junkets. We’ll keep the light on.


  11. david says

    Dear Peggy,

    The kids’ smiles are only broader when you are here. Momma Peggy is never far from their thoughts and always in they’re hearts. August will come soon.

    Lots of love,


  12. david says

    Hello brother Chris,

    The “post-game” to the elections is wonderfully unexciting. Raila appealed the election results to the Supreme Court, which, over the Easter weekend rejected the claims of vote tampering, etc., and dismissed the appeal. Mr. Odinga accepted the court’s decision with equanimity and urged his follwers to do the same. The did, for the most part. The toll this time was two, rather than a thousand plus. And, as the Stones told us many years ago…”it’s all over now”…peacefully. Amazingly so.

    I’ll catch up with you by phone in the next few days.



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