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3 February 2012 – Food For Thought

Hello Fellow Eaters,

I notice that when I’m reading, a novel, or a recounting of someone’s journey, I always want more food details. Shackleton to the South Pole — What did they have for dinner? I never get enough. I don’t know why. So, in that self-absorbed way we have of thinking that our particular interests are common interests, I thought I’d give you a little behind-the-scullery look at all things food related here at the Red Rhino Culinary Academy.

The first batch of photos is what we call here cereals. We buy them once a month and store them in round 40 liter plastic containers, each with a doilee over the opening to let in air and keep out dudus. They and the fresh vegetables and fruits form ninety percent of the diet.

The kids eat meat three times a week. Pieces in a beef stew.

They also eat a fair amount of ugali, a Kenyan staple. Think polenta, then back off a good deal. And, they have pasta, “supageddi,” twice a week.

Here goes.

Well, I’m kinda hungry. Think I’ll track down a mango and dream.

Hope your stove is hot and your kitchen smells just like you want it to.



  1. Lisa says

    Yummy, makes me want to stay home from work and cook. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Debi Lorenc says

    Delightful! Thanks David!

  3. david says


    Sounds like a good plan. What’s on the menu?


  4. david says

    Hi Debi,

    Reminds of when you and Chris were here and you made some kind of chips with guacamole. Still one of the best things I have ever eaten. My keyboard is covered in drool. Come back soon. Your starving friend.


  5. Peggy says

    Looks good to me. Can’t wait to partake. Think I’ll share my chicken feet with the kids. It really was a fun post, David!

  6. Chris L says

    So happy to see that open-walled kitchen in full flourishing. I remember how long and seriously I meditated upon the feng-shui of it all. (And probably about exactly as practically as all my other meditations turn out to be 🙂

    Love those bowls of kunde, maharagwa, kamande et al, too. I think Debi can probably make wrist-rosaries out of all of them. OK, maybe not the uji. That might stump her.

    I owe you an email — and much gratitude, dear brother — for all the dimensions of our friendship and for the steady faithfulness of all the work and love and care on behalf of these dear children.

  7. david says

    Hi Peggy,

    Can’t wait to have you at the table here. And to give up your chicken feet…the ultimate sacrifice. I know you’ll have much more to share with the kids you have loved and worked so hard for all these years. Your plate is ready.


  8. david says

    My dear CL,

    I remember clearly that our invaluable servery window came about as a direct result of your feng-ing the shui around in your mind. And the semicircular single step below it, still my favorite single feature of our construction, flowed naturally from the same source.

    Your imprint, as well as the tail end of the Glenfiddich you left, are here, and will remain. If I could find the right emoticon lying around, I might well use it, but I don’t know where they live.

    See you this summer,


  9. Martin says

    I would devour some chapo and green grams right about now. A bit tougher to find in Manhattan, though.

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