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10 January 2012 – A Birthday Party and a Small Cow

Hello Friends,

We had a double birthday party on Saturday evening. Peter, 13, and Joshua, 11. Peter’s our first teenager. We had a blast. I’ll do my best here to give you a feel for it.

But first I want to tell you about a recent visitor.  A few days ago I was leaving the property just after dark. I saw a calf walking down our road, solo. That’s unusual. Cattle here are wealth, and are not casually misplaced. Much of the violence up north centers around cattle raids where tens of people are killed. In any case, when I came to the property the next day, Mr. (or Miss, I don’t know) Small Cow was happily grazing away by the workshop on our property. He/she is still there. We’ve contacted all the local cattle owners around here and seems no one is missing a smallie. It’s a little like finding a compact car parked in your driveway. In any case, we’ll have the vet out today and take good care of our new friend for as long as this strange relationship lasts.

Now to the party business at hand

I know I get to get crawled on and hugged on by our kids in person. And I also know that I’m a stand-in, for you, for all of you, who are with us here, wherever you are. And remember, we’re saving your seat on the stoop for when you drop in… just like the small cow.

So long wranglers,





  1. Debi Lorenc says

    I hope you saved a piece of cake for the calf. I’d like an invite to the next b’day party, looks like too much fun to miss out on.


  2. Sherry Guidi says

    This is absolutely priceless David! I love it!

  3. Peggy says

    What handsome boys are the two birthday boys! And how fast they are growing up.
    Who are the three girls with the braided hair? They are beauties!

    Can’t wait to meet all of them.


    PS If by some chance the cow stays its name is “Boz” and Joan and Tim paid for his/her upkeep.

  4. Brandon says

    Happy Birthday to the Boys!
    While the photos aren’t absolutely clear, but I’m pretty sure that’s a boy cow…

  5. david says

    Hi Debi,

    Consider yourself on the special invitation list. The parties are a blast. Your photos would would be the icing on the cake…so to speak. So come on back on your next trip and bring CL with you. The kids and I would love it. Lots of love,


  6. david says

    Hi Sherry,

    You’re right. You can’t put a price on this. But you sure can enjoy it.

    Thanks for everything,


  7. david says

    Hi Peggy,

    Ok…Boz it is if he sticks. Our braided girls are, from left to right, Abigail, Tina, and Jennifer.

    See you soon!


  8. david says

    Hi Brandon,

    You’ve got a good eye…it is indeed a boy cow (cow-boy??). And still chompin’ grass around our dam as I write.

    All good in D.C.?


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