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22 March 2010 – So There You Are

Welcome back. To both of us. About the time you were picking out your Christmas tree we spoke last here, and now the single remaining St. Patrick’s Day Guiness is sitting in the cupboard wondering where the time went.


I’m pretty sure I can’t answer the big question, but I can bring you up to speed on some of the goings on around here since the solstice. It didn’t rain when it should have. Did rain, in some places other than here, a lot when no one had it figured. Our dogs, for once, haven’t procreated lately. Mael and David are growing well, and our childrens’ houses are coming into their own. I’ll show you.




I’ve missed you and hope you are well.




PS. Northern Iowa just ended my repeat pool winner plans.


  1. Janine Reimann says

    Hi David,

    That looks awesome!!! I am so impressed and happy for you moving forward so much. Caongratulations to you and the kids!


  2. Debi Lorenc says

    Wow, what a transformation. You and the guys have done so much since we left. Amazing! That cacti should keep out the riff raff. And the kids–cute as ever!

  3. Miss B says

    Amazing D, amazing. The two houses rock! Progress is in the making! 🙂 When I saw the last photo depicting the sunshine rays radiating from beneath the clouds, I was taken back to the various drives we took, heading back from Jane and Trevor’s place. The skies of Kenya always seemed to amaze me. Keep up the wonderful work as it looks like you’re on a roll!


  4. Paula Machado says

    Congratulations David and ALL,

    The Kenyan shambala homes have really come a long way! You are well on your way with a brilliant crew working on the roof and insulation, not to mention cacti landscapers extraordinaire. When I see the checkerboard game and darling shots of tots, well, my heart melts. Keep it up, David and All. I have been hiking for 3 days back in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada where cacti are now in full bloom. Back at a hotel with internet. Thrilling to receive the “Rhino Spring 10 News Beat” .
    Peace to you out there in big sky country…..ahh.
    Be safe, well, blessed, and happy.

  5. migdalia says

    that is wonderful!—-CONGRATULATIONS!!!—-it looks like home.
    this is so exciting.

  6. david says

    Hi Janine and Migdalia

    It seems like yesterday that you both were here, helping shape the three acres, building our first water tank tower, and creating the planning and strategy spreadsheet at the Getaway. And now we’re closing in on it.
    I was at Joyce’s for tea yesterday. Esther and Agnes were there, and Esther brought up both of you and how she would like to see you again…there’s always room here.
    Thanks for your hard work here and helping shape the early vision of this place.
    With love and gratitude,


  7. david says

    Hi Debi,
    We were pouring the ring beam, as I recall, when you and Chris were here, but that might have been during the first month. I can’t recall specifically. What I can recall very specifically is the pleasure of your and Chris’ company and fellowship. I loved the dinners outside and the long talks and the quiet comfort of long friendships re-envisioned on this continent.

    Love to you and all the family,


  8. david says

    Hi B,

    The drives back from Maanzoni at dusk, after tea at Trevor and Jane’s, the sun setting in full, round, golden beauty. And now I think of Jane and her place somewhere in that radiance and her gracious spirit infusing the landscape that she loved.
    All here, especially Trevor, send greetings.


  9. david says

    Hi Paula,

    I imagine that Red Rock Canyon is very beautiful now, with everything blooming and reminding us that water brings new life. It is raining as I am typing, and thunder is rolling every few minutes. Maybe it will be enough to bring more water to the dam, but if not, the trees and our newly planted cacti will be drunk on it for some time.

    I’m sorry we didn’t connect when I was home this time. Things got away from somehow, but in the late summer for sure.

    Love from over here,


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