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10 April 2009 – Excav-a-ganza

Hello Friends,


It’s half an hour away from Good Friday here.


Here’s the next piece of recent history from the project down the road.


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Let’s keep our sights leveled on all it took to make this Friday good.




  1. REPLY
    Peggy says

    David — so good to see you all back at work on site, but then again it looks like such hard work. We will forever remember the “blood, sweat & tears” that went into the making of our children’s home.

    I would love to hear the choir at the local church this Sunday.
    Joyous Easter to you,

  2. REPLY
    david says

    I think the intro-banner is going to pretend this comment is from Dave. Don’t let that fool you. It’s not.

    It’s more than a little surreal and flat-out weird to be reading Dave’s blog here in Nairobi on Holy Saturday while Dave’s on his cell phone just outside. If I had my wits about me, I really would pretend to be him now — and to embarrass him in ways only he can imagine. But, alas, my wife Debi and I still have to live with the guy awhile longer. And he’d catch on…

    But Debi and I would like to tell the rest of you how wonderful it is to be here with Dave, Gilbert, Brit, Isaiah, and all the rest of the crew…and how amazing is the work that is being done.

    Dave, of course, minimizes some of the challenges that arise and more than minimizes his own persistence and creativity and faithfulness in overcoming them…

    Happy Easter,

    Chris Lorenc

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