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October 13 – Conduit

So, you may find it hard to believe, but I’m a few days behind with this business. But I’ll try to post this and the other two segments that are nearly ready and now already in the past for those of us in this hemisphere in the next day or so.


Get the youngsters and the popcorn and gather round the warm glow of the computer screen, and let yourselves go.



Bless your little hearts,




  1. Chris says

    Yes, your found love of stone is very evident in these photos, David. What I like is how you range the gamut from stone block to fine dust.

    This isn’t the poem you were thinking of when we talked the other night, but it will do for now.

    To the Stonecutters — by Robinson Jeffers

    Stone-cutters fighting time with marble, you fore-defeated
    Challengers of oblivion
    Eat cynical earnings, knowing rock splits, records fall down,
    The square-limbed Roman letters
    Scale in the thaws, wear in the rain. The poet as well
    Builds his monument mockingly:
    For man will be blotted out, the blithe earth dies, the brave sun
    Die blind, his heart blackening:
    Yet stones have stood for a thousand years, and pained thoughts found
    The honey peace in old poems.

  2. Ed (Mike Edson) says

    I once helped David rustle up some old brick from Gilbert, a teacher friend of David’s. We loaded up an International pick up truck called “Old Blue” with, if I recall correctly, two loads of that brick that we threw to each other to get them to the east side of Dave’s place for a walkway. One small lapse in concentration would have made for an immediate reminder that no thought was as important as the thought of the brick now airborne and begging to be caught. That was years ago, younger stronger years, that fade in the immensity of this present work. This building with stone being coached by the spirit of Nehemiah’s voice speaking stone upon stone.

  3. Ed Richardson says


    You’re becoming quite an engineer, making your own tools now (sledge hammers). Brilliant!! The place is looking good. Once the walls start up you’ll be amazed at what you have accomplished. (Not that you haven’t been already).

    Ed Richardson

  4. david says

    Thanks Ed. For some reason, the sledge hammer handles thrilled me, inordinately so. But there you have once again solid proof…simple pleasures for simple minds.


  5. david says


    Something comforting about Jeffers’ unflinching p.o.v. I haven’t thought much in terms of permanence in this building process, mostly expediencies, but…the kitchen may be around for a while. Thanks for the pinpoint.


  6. david says

    Hey Fred, Ed, Mike, my dear brother,

    Those younger, stronger years were nice, and nicer as the distance between us and them widens. I think about running together mostly during that time. Man, I miss that. The bricks are still in place, each one having been successfully caught.


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