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October 6 – BRC

Hello friends,


Here’s the latest.



The electrician is coming today to run the conduit so we can pour the slab tomorrow.


Hope your week starts and finishes well.


Love from Kenya,




  1. Lynette Zeiter says

    Dave, Love to see the progress, I’m impressed as how quickly it’s coming along. Looking at the drawing the kids made makes me think that down the road we might be able to have an art exhibit and market their drawings. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ed Richardson says


    You’re amazing………lots of progress over there. And fun to see it all come together.

    Ed Richardson

  3. Peggy says

    Just when I think you have gotten to a point where you rest, there is another layer. It gives new meaning to “foundation.”

    From an early childhood perspective, once again — proof that children develop in the same way all over the world. Those drawings could be from a preschool anywhere–especially the belly button!

    Kudos to you and the crew,


  4. Mark R. says

    Great work David! What a tireless crew you have. Progress, in this context is heartening! The pictures and your words tell a great story as always.


  5. david says

    Hi Lynette,

    That’s a great idea about the kid’s drawings. And Peggy’s comment echoes that. These drawings, like the kids who drew them are the same all over the world. A nice tangible reminder of that important fact.

    Thanks for your help,


  6. david says

    Hi Ed,

    The guys are working hard to make that progress, and I agree, it’s fun to see it. It takes a village to make a village, evidently. See you soon.


  7. david says

    Hi Peggy,

    I knew belly buttons were pretty much universal standard equipment, but I didn’t know kids drawing them was. Thanks for the info. We’re all connected to the big umbilicus, I guess.

    I’ll pass the congats on to the guys.


  8. david says

    Hi Mark,

    You’re right, the guys who work with us are pretty amazing. We’ve weeded our way through now so that our guys are solid and really hardworking. They’re also a crack up a lot of the time. There’s one guy named “Pastor” who is always singing, in a kind of natural falsetto, and literally runs from place to place, often with a wheelbarrow, teasing the other guys and wreaking good natured havoc. I have a real fondness for a lot of these guys. We’re a crew.


  9. martin says

    what do you have in mind for the africa stone?

    i’m thinking setting it at half-court ain’t a bad idea.


  10. judy says

    fantastic—all the skills and knowledge of construction you have put to such a beneficial use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. david says


    I think the Warriors might balk at sinking the Africa stone over their Golden State logo at half court…maybe we could do something on the property instead, maybe on the “mm memorial sweet spin move” court near the dam.


  12. david says


    You’re very kind, but happily the progress isn’t limited to my fledgling construction skills. But I am learning how to ride herd on a construction crew. And the good we might do is because of folks praying and giving banding together as a 10,000 mile away crew who are right here in spirit.

    Bless you,


  13. Chris says

    So here I am typing this at Allison and Dave’s loft and listening in as Allison talks to you on the phone. Couldn’t be more grateful for all these connections and friendships — both for those ones that have been going on for years now…and for these new ones, like the ones among all of you laying out this beautiful, solid foundation.

    Love you, David,


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