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Construction – Day 2

Hello fellow workers,


I’ve found a window of internet opportunity here, and I’m doing my best to keep you updated on the big dig. What that means in practical terms, given the serious imitations of time and talent, is that I’m going to post photos as often as I can, with not a lot of my lunatic ramblings to confuse things. So, in essence, everyone wins.


Here’s day two in a twenty one nutshells.



See you tomorrow. 8:00am sharp. Bring your mattock.




  1. Chris says

    I look forward, indeed, to bringing my mattock, David. Alas, I won’t make tomorrow’s (tonight’s?) wake-up call.

  2. Karen Gherardi says

    Thanks so much for your updates. I appreciate your efforts and the photos tell the story.

  3. marjo says

    Dear Dave,
    It is so exciting to see the beginnings of buildings. Thank you for the update.

  4. Chris says

    That call to the mattock is really sticking with me. I know we can support the orphanage with our prayers and financial contributions. What else am I forgetting that I could do from here?

  5. Ed (Edson) says

    Progress, Progress!! Aesop would agree that plodding is winning.
    I wish I could be there, albiet with my sissy feet encased in shoes.

  6. Greg Traverso says

    How sweet it is. Great work David. Your brother in the fight and in life, Greg

  7. Matt and Jody Madion says

    David and Crew,
    It’s so exciting to see the progress! We missed the summer updates and are amazed by what you have accomplished in the past few months.
    We continue to pray for you. This is truly the work of God.
    Matt and Jody Madion

  8. david says


    We’ll postpone your wake-up call until Jan.(?) when we are both here. But if you remember us in your intentions when you wake until then, your mattock will be fruitfully replaced. To answer your other question, there is serious work going on now to send a 40′ container here with equipment, stuff for Mary, etc. You, and all, can contact Greg and through him Pat, to pitch in there. But, in our deep hearts we know, you and I, that prayer is the diesel that keeps this small engine chugging along.

    Thanks to you and Debi for your beautiful blog,


    and your work with Red Egg Gallery.

    Sending and receiving love from Kenya, brother,


  9. david says

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks. It’s very good to know that you are keeping up with the progress and the small daily insanities that mark our work here. We need the company and the prayers.

    Love to you and Luigi and the boys,


  10. david says

    Hi Marjo,

    Thanks for your encouragement and your work. Nothing like a few holes in the ground to pick up our spirits!

    For the kids,


  11. david says

    Hellooo Ed!

    When, not if, you come here, you’ll have to bring plenty of shoes to protect your size 14’s. You can’t get ’em that big here. They don’t allow it. And bring a pair for Aesop, too. I’ve got a forked jembay for him to swing.

    By the way, Greg has heard from both Kiel and Autumn about helping. What a family.

    Your brother in arms,


  12. david says

    Hey Greg,

    Yes, we’ve waited for this for a very long time. I think back to our talks in early ’06 and so much else since then, especially your tireless work from Rivertown. God bless you, my dear brother.



  13. david says

    Dear Matt and Jody,

    Thanks for the kind words, and for the perspective. Usually, being in the middle of things everyday here, it feels like the snails are whizzing past us. Good to step back and take a better angle.

    Many thanks for your prayers,


  14. Chris says

    Hey Greg — and Pat — when you check in here next, fill me/us in on the 40′ container shipment. And how to best connect. Debi and I will be around San Jose for about three more weeks before we take off. If I don’t hear from you *here,* in a couple days, I’ll look for your email and/or call.


  15. Ed (Edson) says

    Ditto on the container. What is needed?

  16. Chris says

    Hi Ed,

    It’s nice to hear your voice again — even if disembodied on a comment here! Hearing your voice brings alot of affection right up for me.

    Many, many blessings, friend…

    Chris (Lorenc)

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