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08/02: A Way to Come In

“When the shy star goes forth in heaven,
All maidenly, disconsolate,
Hear you amid the drowsy even
One who is singing by your gate.
His song is softer than the dew
And he is come to visit you.”

From Chamber Music by James Joyce


Now when he comes to visit the property just off the Daystar Road he will find a proper gate at which he can sing away. And so will you when you come.


It went along like this.







With deep love for free swinging hinges,


David and the gate builders


  1. martin says

    the golden gate, east-african style. and nary a casualty. beautiful.

    i especially liked the three-man concrete shuffle, though it left me a little dizzy.


    p.s. no one says bob’s your uncle. except if he really is.

  2. Bob Saunders says

    Monkey’s uncle, perhaps.

  3. Peggy Traverso says

    David and Gate Crew —
    Another lesson in the use of math and science in the real world! Yes, this need for inovation and “do-it-yourself” brings us into the real world we don’t usually see. Thanks for sharing

    And thanks for all the hard work put into the gate. I plan to walk through the pedestrian door one of these days.

    Lucky for the toad that the mzungu was there!

  4. david says

    My dear Martin,

    In all likelihood it’s the counterclockwise rotation that did it, although that’s not unlike a slow motion version of your unguardable spin move in the paint.

    Your counterpart here, the incomparable one, sends his greetings.


    PS I’ll tell the Brits here to knock off the relational elasticity. They’re all still still claiming Bob here.

  5. david says

    Hello Brother Bob!

    Well, at least Amy and Allison can still loudly and proudly proclaim that Bob’s their uncle. As for the rest of us, monkey may be the better option. Let’s leave it an exclusive club.

    Very big love to you and Patti,


  6. david says

    Dear Peggy,

    I’ll leave a token hanging for you on the gate post that will assure you immediate entry as an honored and distinguished visitor, a member of the family returned to us.

    Until then, as Kenyans say, we are just around.



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