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01/18: DT Meeting Recap


I want to thank everyone who made it to the Development Team meeting on January 17th and also thank those who could not be there but joined us in spirit! The meeting was inspirational and, unbelievably, lasted for only one hour! (This may be a sign of progress!?) Anyway, here is a basic account of what transpired at the meeting for those who couldn’t make it.

David Saunders, Laura McCaffrey, Brooke Bennett, Ashlie Guthrie, Tia Hermosillo, Lynee Monckton, Anthony Vignolo, Lynette Zeiter, Sandi Witmer, Suzanne Glick, Pat Shepherd, and Susan and Greg Traverso were present at the meeting.

Laura McCaffrey, who recently returned from Africa after living at Mary’s house and working with the children for four months, shared some of her experiences and insight working with the children who will come under our care.

David Saunders updated the team on what is happening on the ground and gave synopsis of the current situation in Kenya. David also discussed the important meeting that took place at the home of Susan Ferrens. That meeting was in regard to the site plans. Also, David will be speaking at all Masses on January 26th and 27th at Presentation Catholic Church.

John and Brooke shared their work on the new teacher letters. My thanks to Brooke for printing and donating printing expense of the 400 letters and to John for helping me write the letters and formatting them.

Tia and Suzanne explained their work on the jars.

Lynette requested input regarding the Kazuri Bead Factory in Nairobi making Red Rhino Beads. The purpose of these beads would be to raise money for construction. We plan to sell them at fundraisers and through the Web site. The idea of producing these beads was met with overwhelming support from those in attendance. Let’s do this for sure. Also, Lynette explained how she is putting a binder together to be given out at the next DT meeting with everyone’s contact information inside.

Lynee discussed her efforts to put together gift baskets for the Lenten Masses in collaboration with Annunciation Catholic Church.

Some advances on the Website were mentioned. My thanks to our Website Development Team: Charbel, John, Tony, and William.

We discussed the importance, potential, and promotion of the 2nd Annual RROP Walk-A-Thon at Saint Mary’s High School on April 5th (mark your calenders!).

I know I am forgetting some things but let me just take the liberty to say that it was a great meeting. I have a very real feeling that RROP is being brought to a whole new level thanks to each and everyone of you. We are on the cusp of transformation and with all of the great things that have happened thus far I know this is just the beginning.

Thanks for your time and dedication to the effort,


FYI: Our next DT meeting will be held on Thursday, February 21st–Please join us.

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