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12/12: Prayer Requests

Howdy Partners,

I hope your frequency of intercession isn’t tied to the frequency of my updates lately. Bad David. But I’m on my way back to CA late tonight and I wanted to give you the Christmas list. Supplicatory stocking stuffers.

Here goes.

Construction Related:

  • Revising the architectural drawings and the site plan in anticipation of spring construction start.
  • Rain water collection and most importantly, large, cost-effective, probably below ground storage. Something like 150,000 liters. Too meet the clean water requirements.
  • Putting together the key people in the construction team. Very important. Very difficult.

Agriculture Related:

  • Getting the drip system for the three acres installed fin a timely fashion for free by the company which pledged to do so.
  • Crop planning, planting, rotation cycle, marketing. All crucial.
  • Rain. To fill the dam, to fill the tanks, to irrigate the crops.


  • Getting registered as an International NGO (non-government organization). The process in underway. It can sometimes take forever.
  • Smooth navigation of the million bureaucratic hoops/potential stumbling blocks that come up in almost all aspects of business and official doings.
  • Finding the right staff for the orphanage, when it is up and running. especially the Matron, the person who will have oversight and primary responsibility for every aspect of the welfare of the kids we take in.

Feel free to add your own here, and if you include me ,personally, and all my shortcomings on your list of things you pray for regularly, I will be in your debt.

Merry Christmas from sunny Kenya.

Yours for the kids,



  1. Mrs. Belen Koch says

    Having seen your presentation at Annunciation School, I am firmly committed to finding a way to help you achieve your goals. At the moment, this means financially. However, I must also be practical. Are donations to RROP tax deductible?? I’ll be looking forward to a response from you.
    Thanks for your time.

    Belen Koch

  2. david says


    Thanks for your commitment to our goals. Yes, the donations are tax deductible. Red Rhino is a registered non-profit organization here in the US and is in the process of being registered as an international NGO (non governmental organization) in Kenya. Don’t hesitate to send any other questions our way.

    Thanks again,


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