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7 May 2012 – Wet, Wetter, Wettest

Hello Umbrella Owners,

The last few weeks have deposited more rain here than the last few years. We’re happy and we’re mostly not complainers. So thank you, sincerely, for your concern and your prayers for water, and if you could switch over now to flood control intercession and washed away bridges invocations, we would be obliged. The property is fine. We’re dealing with the ineluctable nature of running water in places, but we’re high and dry for the most part, and not nearly as muddy as you might imagine, owing to mazzera stone walk ways, well maintained murram paths, and Gilbert’s water diversion/persuasion campaign. Others are not so advantageously situated and are struggling.


I imagine you can guess that our dam is full. And our roof-harvesting 72,000 liter drinking water tanks are full and then some. The ground is more saturated than at  any time in recent memory, and our trees and plants will drink deeply for months to come. We say, “Thank You.”

Here’s a look at the dam. Our Honor Roll-ee.

I have dripping wet clothes on the clothesline. They may be there a while. Thankfully I have others.



  1. Peggy says

    Did your clothes ever get dry? Are the kids going stir crazy like they do here when cooped up? Or do they get out there in it? Oh, and has it stopped raining yet?
    Not much of a “comment” — just lots of questions. Appreciated the slice of life in the raining season.

  2. david says

    Hi Peggy,

    Some of the clothes are dry. All will be soon. The kids don’t really have to stay cooped up. When it rains here, it rains for an hour or so and then stops. Very often part of the day is sunny, and even hot. If it rains long, it’s usually at night. So, yea, they can’t play on the ground like they usually do, but it’s not 40 days and 40 nights either. Now they are back at school, so the routine is pretty set for those days. You’ll see all this up close very soon, Peggy.



  3. Jenny Marquez says

    I remember a story of a gentleman living in the desert. Probably Arizona. He placed a small string fence around an area about 4′ x 4′ and began to water it. Seeds which had laid dormant for a very long time began to sprout. The array of plant life in that small area was amazingly vibrant and healthy. Small miracles in the ground waiting to be nutured. I imagine you will be seeing some similar resurgance of life. Hopefully, it will stay for a while so you and the children can enjoy it. I also imagine for some of your children this will be their first experience with life bursting up from the earth. Exciting stuff from the master gardener. Take more pictures..God Bless.

  4. Jenny Marquez says

    A footnote. I occurs to me how you and the other caring people at Red Rhino are watering the seedlings entrusted to you. They too have sprung forth and are most beautiful. Happy gardening!

  5. david says

    Hi Jenny,

    Everything seems to be growing here now…a lot. The trees, the cactus, the plants, the grass, the kids. It’s green and lush. I’ll post some photos on the Red Rhino Facebook page.

    Back to the cabbage patch.


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