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13 March 2012 – Tina’s Fabulous Tenth

The summer social season kicked off here in Lukenya on a high note with a glamorous poolside soiree where everybody who was anybody was in attendance, dripping wet and eventually full of cake, popcorn, buscuits(cookies) and drinking yoghurt. The paparazzi were everywhere and so we have the following exclusive photos for you.

You are all invited for Tina’s eleventh. We’re thinking of Monaco.

See you in Canne. Big air kisses,




  1. Martin says

    Monaco… isn’t that where Martin Carlo is? Wouldn’t miss it. Just don’t make me eat the cake.

    The kids look fantastic — so happy! It’s wonderful to see.


    p.s. A pool huh? Pretty fancy. You made me swim in the dam.

  2. Bob Saunders says

    Tina’s Fabulous Tenth sounds like an excellent team name for the EZ$ league…Bob

  3. Peggy says

    What a thrill to see all of those happy faces! Kudos to Fiona for arranging such a treat as well as sharing her cake-baking talent. Tina will never forget her 10th.

  4. david says

    Dear Martin,

    The cakes, now baked by yours truly…or, more accurately, the bread machine Joy brought and left, are moist and deeelicious. The kids are growing and unimaginably good, and lots of other things. You would recognize and not recognize them. And they are living stabily on the hardcore foundations that you pounded into rubble.

    If the Martin Carlo thing doesn’t work out, we may change the 11th venue to NYC. We’ll pile into your digs and do the funky chicken.

    Saw our giraffes up close yesterday. They said hi.

    Lots of love from this side,


  5. david says


    I should have thought of that before I jumped on the camel caravan. Posting the blind luck winners today…then it’s EZ$ and EZLiving from then on.


  6. david says

    Hi Peggy,

    Fiona is a gem. A gift for all of us. And Tina’s Tenth made a splash that she won’t soon forget.

    See you soon,


  7. Chris L says

    Too, too cute. What a gift all the way round. What a home — and what opportunities — are being ongoingly created…


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