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30 July 2011 – A Wet Patch


Inspite of this soggy entry, the drought conditions here and in most of northern Kenya are unabated. There are lots of serious consequences.


Yours for greater precipitation,




  1. Bonnie Neuer says

    Loved the pictures of your rain. It all looks so peaceful there and it makes me wonder if all those people walking from Somalia got some of the rain as well. They all look so tired and thirsty and dusty. What a sad situation.
    It’s good to see the children at Red Rhino looking so well and happy.
    Thanks for the pictures, David.

  2. Greg Traverso says

    Bwana, good on ya mate for getting a journal posting out and breaking at least that drought. I know you’ve had internet and computer problems of late but it was great to receive this. May it rain in Kenya and shower us with your pictures and updates. Greg

  3. Chris L says

    Continued prayers for solid, sustaining rain. Glad that you all seem well. The orphanage looks like a continued refuge. Chris

  4. dave hakeem says

    “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray…… will ask God for his blessing on your land and people. Love and care to you all. David

  5. John and Gayle DeGregori says

    Nice to hear some good news from Kenya and see the children happy. Blessings to all! Gayle

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