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10 August 2010 – The Story of a Long Journey, Told in Two Parts

Like many true stories about long journeys, much gets lost in the telling. But in all good tales, what remains is worth the telling. This one started a long time ago when people and their hopes were young and uncomplicated, and some of that true story has already been told and some of it has been forgotten with the passing of time. So we’ll begin here with the recent travels of a group of like minded folks.





These are the children, whom we and some of the travelers have known and loved for several years, divinely preserved through unfittting circumstances, who now call this place home.



Welcome home at long last.




  1. Joy says

    What an ” and they all lived happily ever after ” !! Well done David and everyone . I’m teary looking at the photos and hoping Michael got a turn on the bike as he told me in Springs this was his dream ….. Joy x

  2. Chris L says

    Almost too much to take in—this coincidence of pilgrims. And since the story’s about real life, it won’t be devoid of future difficult turns and suffering. But what new meaning to give to the word “home”—what a place to get the opportunity to begin (again) from. May the rest of us continue to learn to be faithful to this beautiful home and opportunity.


  3. martin says

    I barely know what to say. Except that, man… am I full of admiration, respect, and love for you.

    I know what you’ve put in, how unimaginably trying it’s been, and the price you’ve paid to get to this point… Absorbing each and every setback and never losing that laser-beam focus.

    And I’m sure you’ll deflect the attention, fire back an Oscar Wilde-caliber quip, and spread the credit as far and wide as you can… as usual.

    But I hope that, even if secretly and for just one second, you allow yourself to step back and take a look at the things you’ve done, the home you’ve made… and know that those big smiles on those little faces simply would not be there if it wasn’t for YOU.


  4. jim micheletti says

    “We discover our true selves in love,” said Thomas Merton. Each picture, each caption is love conquering all. God Bless David Saunders and RR for being the change we wish to see in the world.

    Jim M. & Notre Dame High School

  5. Peggy says

    Oh David, I keep reading this photo-story over and over and tear-up every time. You wrote the story so well, and the pictures of the children are magnificent with their joy showing through those beautiful, full-blown smiles! But my favorite picture is the one of you and Mary — to share that moment is special.

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed financially and to everyone who has worked to hard.

  6. Denise, Ron, Ross and Anthony says

    What a thrill to see the pictures put together with your well spoken words! Meeting the children was so amazing and having seen and been able to work at the Red Rhino Project makes it all come together for us. What an amazing job everyone has done to make the Red Rhino project come to life. Well done David! Our visit to Red Rhino will never be forgotten. We look forward to our continued support of the children and the Red Rhino Project!
    Our best to you and to everyone involved in this life changing project!
    Denise, Ron, Ross & Anthony

  7. Mark Rishwain says

    Thank you for sharing, in such a visual way, the pinnacle day in the life of the project David (the conduit).

  8. Mary Eilers Fielding says

    What an amazing story indeed. I wish we could have been there for that momentous occasion, but we enjoyed our visit to the orphanage, knowing what was fast approaching. I know we all (Tiffany, Jeff, and myself) feel very lucky to have been a part of this and I hope the supplies we brought are of use to those sweet children. What great times they have ahead of them, thanks to all of you. Thanks again, Greg.
    Mary Eilers-Fielding

  9. Jeff Fielding says

    What a wonderful moment, I wish I had been there to share and document it!

  10. Michael Carlbom says

    David ! What a job! I’ve been following you along the way and you never cease to amaze me. The hurdles you’ve cleared, the obstacles you’ve shoved to the side. I think back to the times when all we cared about was finding girls, playing hoops, baseball etc. What you have accomplished with the help of others is truly inspiring and helpful to the rest of us who sometimes need a jump start just to clean up the back yard. Guns and bombs are not the answer, education w/love and caring are! Mike & Mary.

  11. Dave Bulliman says

    Dear David & Team Red Rhino, You should be so proud of the amazing life you are breathing into so many people with this endevour of love you call the “Red Rhino Orphanage Project”. I have been watching from a far for the past few season and my heart grows larger with every update, the kindness, planning and dedication you and team team have shown is truly inspiring. We are blessed if we can change the life of one child for the better, only my imagination can dream how many this project will touch over ages. Just a big hug for all of you, god bless you all.

  12. Joan Bosworth says

    Just when we you think the story is winding down, a new and exciting chapter begins. The mystery of who the children are has been revealed and now we will look for updates to reveal who they will become.

    Thank you for all you’ve done and for taking us along with you.


  13. Cathedral Community, Stockton says

    Our whole community will celebrate this big news at all Masses this weekend! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this great, good work. Grace is certainly in action!
    -Community of the Cathedral of the Annunciation

  14. Pam Burns says

    Oh, the tears of joy!!! What an amazying journey! I truly stand in awe of how awesome our God is and how blessed these children are because of faithful servants like yourselves. Thank you, thank you , thank you!

    With love,

  15. Debbie Watts says

    David, Thank you so much for your story and all the incredible pictures. It’s amazing to see it all come together. The pictures of the kids just made me cry. You have an awesome gift, may God Bless you..Sincerely Debbie Watts

  16. Bob says

    I don’t know if you remember Mom occasionally hauling out the old saw “Heaven helps those who help themselves” but I am prostrate at the power of all your team’s faith given form by unyielding persistence & daily hard work…Right on, my Brother…Bob

  17. Mike says

    The story and photographs are amazing thank you for sharing them but more importantly , Thank you for being you. Without people like you and your team doing this kind of work,what would this world be like.As I wipe the tears from my eyes all I can say is God Bless the children and God Bless you David .

  18. Jimi Billigmeier says

    There are no words to convey the happiness that I feel when I look at those beautiful pictures. It’s heaven on Earth and God is smiling with us all. Thank you for including us on your journey. Well done Greg & David!

  19. Naomi says

    hi David,
    Wow thats a nice story. I have no words to express my gratitudes to you for working tirelessly to see red rhino chilren’s centre becoming a home for many orphaned children.thanks for embracing the word of God where you have welcomed eighteen children to come to you.BRAVO .
    . I see all smiling and happy may God bless you.

  20. Sandi Widmer says

    What an exciting time! I enjoyed the pictures and story so much. I would love to have been there. You have worked so hard to make this all happen. These children, and all to come, are certainly blessed. I can’t wait to visit some day
    May the Lord be with you always.

  21. Brooke says

    Wow what an amazing story. It really made me cry and feel like the energy of this world allows us to come together when it is most important. How wonderful!!

  22. Renaye and Daniel Garabadian says

    David and all at Red Rhino

    Following this journey with you has been an amazing experience, and we THANK YOU for sharing it with us. What a beautiful story with the most perfect photos. When we think of what you’ve done for others, we think of Luke 10:27: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind. And love your neighbor as yourself.”

    We look forward to watching these and many other children grow, learn and be loved at RR!

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