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October 20 – The Feast



If you inexplicably smelled something good being grilled about a week ago, I may have the explanation. Grab a couple of napkins, forget the silverware, and pull up a chair.



It rained last night.




  1. REPLY
    martin says

    i believe i’ll have the nyama choma combo plate, supersized. and hold the oysters. thanks much.


  2. REPLY
    Ed Richardson says


    Wow!…some compaction and feast. What a time! Can’t wait to see the next phase.Hope we see you around Christmas.


  3. REPLY
    Chris says

    I’m still laughing at that misfit yellow compactor — and you spring this goat-fest on us? After walking it out in front of us and the kids like it was Mary’s little lamb?

    By the way, is that yellow compactor still spewing and grinding somewhere in the middle of the night? There’s only so much oil left in the sub-Sahara, I’ll let you know.


  4. REPLY
    david says


    The incomparable one and I shared a plate of nyama choma last week with Mrs Masa and another couple. Finally the legend took physical form. He asks continually after you, and still looks very smart in his pressed shirts.


  5. REPLY
    david says

    Thanks Ed,

    The feast was more fun than the compacting, but they both had their charm. I’ll see you soon. Cioppino (sp) at Greg and Susan’s!!


  6. REPLY
    david says


    It’s a good thing Mary’s little lamb wasn’t around that day or we would have eaten it too. It was a hungry crew.

    The “Yellow Submarine” as I came to think of it, is, I would imagine, busy making things flat and hard, and increasing Kenya’s oil dependency in the bargain as it rattles along.


  7. REPLY
    martin says

    wow, first-hand confirmation of a mrs. masa! she’s like norm’s wife vera. give them all a hearty habari for me.

    caption for the photo from 10/22:

    “area muzungu devours boy’s halloween candy”

    claims, ‘i needed something sweet after i ate your pet goat.’

  8. REPLY
    david says


    I didn’t know they delivered The Standard all the way to San Diego. And I thought that unfortunate and misunderstood candy incident had been…dealt with.

    But fair is fair. I’m recaptioning the incriminating pic.


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