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September 30 — The Backlog of Backfill

Hello fellow diggers,


The Recent News section has been idle for a while, but we haven’t. Here’s something to catch you part way up on the construction hootenanny around here. I’ll try to catch you all the way up tomorrow.



Wait ’til you see the vibrating compactor.


From all of us to each of you, with love,




  1. Peggy says

    Hi David —
    What solid looking walls! I can’t believe all the steps you and the men have had to take to get just to the slab. Looks like an incredibly permanent place on this earth.

    Is this all the result of modern engineering or ancient native know-how?
    Digging it,

  2. Linda says

    impressive! Exciting to see your progress.

  3. Pat Shepherd says

    Good Morning David,
    How incredible! You must feel like a conductor of a symphony of organized labor! Truly remarkable for a scholar such as you were most of your life! It simply is your diligent work guide by the Holy Spirit! I’m so pround of you my brother in Christ!!!
    God Bless and all associated with this “most worthy” undertaking.
    Hugs, Love and Prayers,
    Pat’ rick

  4. david says

    Hi Peggy,

    Yea, lots of steps to get solid footing. The know how is both old and sort of new. It’s just a matter of getting all the black soil out. In villages, people can’t usually afford to build like this, and they build simple, less permanent structures. But anyone who builds with concrete or stone has to do this or use a series of lots of pillars to support the foundation.

    Makes me appreciate good ole Stockton dirt.


  5. david says

    Thanks Linda, for your prayers and support.


  6. david says

    Hello Pat’rick,

    The organized part may be in doubt at times, but the labor part is indisputable. Guys are working very hard. And I find that being the boss on a construction site suits me just fine. It’s exciting and satisfying and provides an immediate sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Thanks for your unbounded support. All your friends here miss you. Yesterday someone asked me how the “big mzungu” was doing.

    Keep up the prayers and send my love to the Thursday morning group.

    See you soon, brother,


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